Kelley Phleger is a socialite who is famous for her husband, Don Johnson. Don is an actor, singer and producer.

Personal life

Kelley was born in California and is an American by birth. She went to a school in California and joined University of California. She is currently married to Don Johnson. They started dating in 1997. After two years of dating, they tied the knot in 1999. She has three children with Don.

Kelley and Don are together for almost two decades and their marital relationship is as strong as ever. They are living together with no marital fights or problems. There are no rumors about any separation or marital problems in her lives. Thus, one can be sure about not hearing any divorce signs in the near future. They are seen taking luxury vacations every now and then and it indicates that they still have the spirit of love in their marriage.

Kelley is inert to media and thus, we knew nothing of her story for her side. Don brags about his bachelor life with his friends and models from different modelling agencies. He said that he left everything to get settled with Kelley. Her past boyfriends and her past dating life experiences are not known to media. It is not known whether or not she was married or engaged before meeting Don. It is assumed that she had never mothered a child before meeting Don. She was not pregnant when she married him.

Don was 47 when he married Kelley who was just 29. Her mother was Jean Phleger who was a lawyer and a partner at a law firm. Her grandfather was the founder of the law firm. They met each other in a birthday party. It was said that Kelley was dating Gavin Newsom when she met Don. Kelley fell for Don in the first meeting. They had a small private family wedding. It was Don’s third wedding. There are no evidences to prove that Kelley broke up with Gavin, for Don. Moreover, relationship between Gavin and Kelley is also not known for sure. Since she came into the limelight of media after her marriage with Don, her past life before she met Don is not known in detail. Since Kelley never shares the screen with Don and never talks about her personal life on social media sites, there is very little chance that we may be able to find out about her personal life in the near future.


No media has ever covered Kelley’s career biography. She is currently not working as her past career field is an enigma. It is not known whether she has any plans to take up any career in the future. In one interview, Don mentioned that Kelley was a school teacher in Montessori. It is not known when she left the job. Her milestones and success in her teaching career is not known to media. Since her career is a mystery, her salary and net worth are not known to any media. She is always recognized as the partner of a celebrity.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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