Charlie Mcdermott

Charlie Mcdermott was born on 6 April 1990 in Pennsylvania, USA. He was born to American white parents and is white as well. He was drawn towards acting since his child and wanted to be an actor after growing up. His father's name is Charlie Mcdermott and mothers name is Barbara Mcdermott. He has two sisters as well in his family. For schooling, he went to Salesianium. He later enrolled himself in the PA Leadership Charter which was an online school.

His father is an entrepreneur and he has hospitals and health clubs to his name as he believes that people should make an effort to be healthy and that wheat he has taught his son through the ages. Charlie started his career with the movie The Village in 2004 in which he played the role of a 10-year-old boy. The role wasn't that big but was sufficient for him to get an experience of being in front of the camera for the first time. A year later he got a chance to play a role in the move Keeping Up with The Kids in which he played the role of Sneaky who was a very naughty kid. This was a short film and won many of the worlds at the short film festival.

He didn't get any offers for the next year and he focussed more on his studies as it was getting very tough for him to concentrate on his studies as well as movies at the same time. In 2006 he starred in the movie Disappearance which was a horror movie. this movie did well at the box office. His biggest movie came calling in 2008 when he got the chance to pay a role in the movie Frozen River. This movie won many awards for the best movie and Charle was also nominated for The Best Supporting Actor. Although he didn't win the and his spirits were high after being nominated for it. He turned to directing for the movie ImagiGARY in 2015. This was a self-written and self-acted movie which was directed by him as well.

Charle got married to Beth Ellen. She is an actress from New Zealand. They met when they were on a trip for their work. They met and suddenly fell in love. Later they went on many dates even moved in for a while. After a year o being in a relationship, he decides to get married to his girlfriend and that's what they did. They took the vows in what was a very beautiful marriage ceremony in New york. All their family members were present as well as their close friends. Certain people from the movie industry were also there as both of the couples are movie starts. He has a very happy wedded life. He is active on social media platforms so his fans could follow him there. His biography can be read at Wikipedia and IMDB as well. His net worth is not known although it is estimated to be just shy of millions of dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 11, 2020

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