Yvonne Payne is the wife to Charles Payne who works on Fox News. Their life together has special stories behind them. His wife had been suffering a heart disease even before getting married. She was suffering terrible pain and her physical condition was getting worse as she grows old. She started to suffer depression and also getting weak because of her condition. She was being given the medication and all the daily activities were depending on the external devices. Everything was getting hard for the family to deal with everything. In the year 2012, her heart became fragile and she started to use pumps to be stabilized and had to undergo a surgery.

According to her biography, it was only luck that saved her. She had to get a heart transplant. A long time friend to the family called and told them that her daughter had died and he wants to give the heart to his wife. There were many problems that came about after the transplant but the family had been able to overcome everything. Yvonne Payne has been able to get a heart transplant and together with his husband, they are living a better and easier life now.

Charles V Payne has made his name through contributing to Fox Business Network. He is the host for Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox and he was the co-host of the Varmey &Co. He joined the network after being launched in October in the year 2007. He appears on other shows regularly like Bulls and Bears, Cavuto on Business and Cashin’ in. Besides the work he has on the Fox, he is also the host of the Talk show called The Payne Nation under Sun Broadcast Group.

Yvonne Payne is slender and tall and with her new heart, she was able to participate in the Sunday, the Fourth Annual 5K walks and Race for the NJ Sharing Network. This is the organ procurement organization in the state. Together with her group, she was able to collect 10,000 for fundraiser and it drew at least 9000 participants. While doing this walk, she was depressed, nauseous and tired all the time. She had the tubes going in and out of the body.

Even if it is said that Charles had stayed with Yvonne Payne for many years now, when they got married is not known. There is no information about having children but there is information about a grandson. More information about their relationships before their marriage cannot be found online. Charles joined United States Air Force and he worked like a security policeman based in Minot Air force in the North Dakota. He started the career in Wall Street where he was analyst. Charles Payne has a net worth of 10 million dollars but there is no record of how much he makes as a salary.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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