Mike Galanos

Mike Galanos works like news anchor at HLN and he is based in the world headquarter of CNN in the Atlanta. He joined this network in 2002 and he graduated from the San Francisco State University. Galanos worked as a local sports anchor at KTVN-TV in Nevada since 1991 until 1994 together with Ric Renner on the weekends.

Mike Galanos was born in the year 1974 and his ancestors came from Greek. He started his career like a cameraman, video journalist and teleprompter operator at CNN headlines.  When he left Reno, he went to present CNN sports illustrated as its anchor but he also worked in the CNN headlines News for its news anchor for the general assignment for this network.  He co-anchored the Prime News together with Erica Hill until she was made the only anchor.

Mike Galanos spent most of his time as a child in California.  He graduated summa cum laude in his university and he began his broadcasting career in his home town.  He is known to uphold the traditions and families values in a strict way. He had taken up an issue on how the children of the current generation are being misled by the technology advancement.  He was among the first anchors who wanted to bring the light towards the harmful practice of sexting for the youth, especially college students during his prime news show. He showed the impact on the emotional aspects, moral and legal aspects of the teenagers within the show.  His Get to the Point Show is known to deal with some controversial issues. Many people are concerned on how he shows an orthodox approach about the current issues.

Before Mike Galanos started his weight loss journey, he was at 199lbs and he said that he was not able to believe this. He already knew that he was over 30 plus pounds over the normal weight he should have. He said that in life, there are few days when someone finds himself off the plan and he indulges in the foods that he was not supposed to and he end up getting more weight.  He said that the most important part of living a healthy life is not to ever indulge into the delightful but to get back to the plan when it is needed.  After the weight loss, he stopped to be beefy Mike but become Super Lean and his height seemed to increase.  His advice motivates many people and it shows what can be possible when someone starts to live a healthy life.

Mike Galanos had been most of the time in the controversies where some people think that he overstepped some boundaries where ethics and rules of good reporting were disregarded. People do not like how he argues with the interviewee, how he talks about young people and how he gives the opinion that he is always right.

Mike Galanos is active on twitter and facebook and some of the topics he likes to talk about is divorce and other vices in life. He said that some people prefer to go through divorce because it is easier compared to having the need to fix their marriage. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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