Matthew Dowd was born on 29 may 1961 in Michigan, USA. He was born into the family of Irish Catholic parents. He has 10 siblings, two older and 8 younger than him. His mother used to teach in an elementary school and his father worked as a mechanic. His parents supported the republic party. He has had a very normal childhood. He went to Cardinal Newman College for his higher studies. For his schooling, he went to a nearby highs school. He started leaning toward politics in college when he joined different political clubs and started to take part in the elections.

After completing his college he volunteered in the campaign of William Bromfield who was a republican. He also helped in the campaign of Joseph Teasdale who was the governer of his hometown. He started his career working as the staff of different republican candidates and gaining experience in the process. Soon he became the senior advisor for the Republican National Committed. Two years later he was elected as the chief strategist for the re-election campaign of George W bush. He won the election second time and Mathew was a very sought after man in the political field given his knowledge of politics.

He later helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win the election in 2006. In the later stages, he became frustrated and disappointed wit George W Bush as he didn't listen to his advice. Dowd wanted the war to be handled in a different way that could've looked nicer to the public and would ve done more good to the party as well but Bush chose to do it in his own way which soon caused his demise. While the Iraq war was going on Dowd soon reaised the amount of loss USA was going through and wanted to roll bck the war and withdwar its forces from Iraq but Bush did it othewrwiese and there was a lot of damage to resources as well as human life. Due to their differences, he left the Bush administration and went on a break for a couple of years. He has since then become really soft spoken and good hearted. He has defende WIkileakes and teh work that it does in getting the data out to teh public. He can be oten seeen on teh News channels such as the ABC and the FOX news.

There is very little data available about his personal life. He married twice but both his marriages have been ended in divorce. His first ex-wife is tammy eagerly while he married in the earlier stages of his life. The couple had three children from their first marriage. The marriage, however, broke due to certain unclosed problems. He then married Nicole Baines and the second marriage also ended in divorce when one of their children died. One of his children was also deployed in Iraq. That is thought to be the main reason for his push against stopping the war. His net worth is not known. His biography can be read on Wikipedia.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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