Born in the year 1996 on 30th June, to father Marton Csokas and mother Margaret Christine, in Invercargill situated in New Zealand, Marton Paul Csokas belongs to the Danish, English as well as Irish descent. He has only one sibling named Robert and he is the eldest child of his parents. Not much information is available about his childhood days and there is no information about the high school he attended. He went to study at the Canterbury University situated in Christchurch in New Zealand and graduated with a degree in Art History from there. After this, he went on to attend the New Zealand Dama School and graduated in the year 1989 from there.

He began his acting career with the television show Shark in the Park in the year 1990 where he portrayed the character of Terry Mercer. He gained popularity for a number of television shows which include The Ray Bradbury Theater as Sid in 1992, Shortland Street as Leonard Rossi-Dodds in 1993, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as Tarlus in 1996, G.P. as Paul Deacon in 1996, Xena: Warrior Princess as Borias in 1997, Water Rats as Robert Tremain in 1999, Wildside as Larry Lodans in 1999, All Saints as Brother Thomas in 1999, Hlifax f.p. as John Garth in 1999, The Three Stooges as Ted Healy in 2000, The Lost World as Kenner in 2000, BeastMaster as Qord in 2000, Farscape as Br’Nee in 2000, Cleopatra 2525 as Krider in 2001Klondike as Sam Steele in 2014, Covert Affairs as Ivan Kravec in 2014, Sons of Liberty as General Thomas Gage in 2015 and Into the Badlands as Baron Quinn in 2015.

He began his movie career in the year 1994 when he was chosen for playing the character of Kane in the film A Game with No Rules.  The most famous role of his career until now has been the role of Yorgi in the movie XXX in the year 2002. He is also popular for portraying the character of Lord Celeborn in the famous movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in the year 2001 and Jarda in the movie The Bourne Supremacy in the year 2004.

He has done a lot of movies in his long career which include movies such as Jack Brown Genius as Dennis in 1994, Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones as Poggle the Lesser in 2002, Timeline as Sir William De Kere in 2003, Asylum as Edgar Stark in 2005, Alice in Wonderland as Charles Kingsleigh in 2010, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Dr. Ashley Kafka in 2014, Loving as Sheriff Brooks in 2016 and True Crimes as Kozlow in 2016.

Talking about his relationships, he was dating Eva Green in the year 2005, but the couple broke up in the year 2009. In an interview, Marton aid that he is currently focusing on his career. There is no information of him being married or having a wife. His biography is available on several major sites and his net worth is expected to be $4 Million.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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