Tina was born on 10 February 1975. She is a well-known basketball player who played for America. Tina was born in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in California itself and it is known that she initially started playing basketball during her school days. She completed her schooling from Morningside High School. Later she decided to pursue her graduation from University of Southern California. She received her degree in 1997.

During the college days, she played basketball and represented her college. She had been a fitness freak since her childhood and she is reported to be 6 feet and 2 inches tall. Basketball player Tina is often confused with the actress Tina Thompson who is known for her shows like ‘Father knows the best’ and ‘An affair to remember’.

Tina never made any official announcement about her marriage with Damon Jones. Damon was also a basketball player and it is widely known that she gave birth to his child in 2005. It is still not known if Damon was Tina’s husband or just a partner. It is known that after giving birth to the child, Tina’s performance suffered a lot and she was not able to perform like before. It took a lot of practice for her to return back in the form. It was in 2006 when she was able to perform like good old days.

Tina started playing for USA in 1995 and the first tournament that she played in was ‘World University Game’. This proved to be a lucky tournament for her and she secured second position in the tournament. In 1996, she got a chance to play in Jones Cup and she proved herself during the game. It was because of her that the team finished first in the tournament.

1998 didn’t prove to be a good year for her as she missed a chance of playing for the National team because of an injury. In 2006, she again got a chance to play for the National team and they secured the third position in the medal tally. Tina was also awarded with a gold medal in Summer Olympics of 2004 along with the summer Olympics of 2008. Tina also earned a lot of fame during her WNBA career. She was always considered the best player who takes her team towards the winning position.

In 2013, one of the most shocking announcement came from her. The announcement was about her retirement plan and she informed her fans that she is planning to take retirement after the current season of the game. Her fans were not at all happy with her decision but there was no backing out. In 2015, after taking retirement from the game, she decided to take up the position of an assistant coach at the University of Texas so that she can nurture the growing talent. Recently in 2016, she was listed in WNBA’s Top 20/20 list. Tina’s annual salary is not known and her net worth is also not public.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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