Angus Macfadyen was born on 21 September 1963. He was born in Glasgow in United Kingdom. Angus completed his graduation from the University of Edinburgh. After completed his education, he decided to follow his passion and join Central School of Speech and Drama. He took of the learnings of Drama in London. Because of his parents, his childhood was never spend at one place for a long time.

It is reported that his father worked as a Doctor for the esteemed World Health Organization (WHO) because of which Angus had to keep moving with his father during his childhood. It is known that his childhood was spend in Philippines before he moved to Africa. Later his father was moved to Singapore and during his adolescence his father was transferred to France. In France, Angus learned French and even today Angus can fluently speak French. There is no information about his mother but it is also known that his mother moved with him to all the countries to support her husband.

Angus gained popularity after his work in ‘Braveheart’. He was widely loved and appreciated by the audience. He made his debut long back in 1990’s with the movie ‘The Lost Language of Cranes’. He played a role of a gay who is struggling to spill the beans in front of his parents. In 1993, he worked in the series ‘The Life and Death of Philip Knight’. He also worked for a TV show called ‘Takin over the Asylum’. Later in 1995, he worked in the famous movie, “Braveheart’. He is still remembered for his role in that movie. This specific movie was honoured with the award under the category of best Picture. Angus is also widely remembered for his outstanding performance in the movie ‘Nevada’ which was released in 1997.

The new millennium started with a bang for Angus as his popularity kept on growing and he kept on getting more and more work. After 2000, he got many roles in movies as well as TV series. Some of the shows he is appreciated for are, ‘Equilibrium’, ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Saw III’. ‘Saw III’ was really loved by critics and it broke all the records at the box office. The movie earned over 200 million US Dollars across the globe.

Angus’s popularity was on rise and at present he is being featured in ‘Turn: Washington’s spies’. Another famous work from him includes his acting in a drama which has been inspired by Shakespeare’s play. The name of the play is Macbeth. Until now, he has been featured in over 66 shows which are widely loved by his audience.

He also married Catherine Zeta Jones and there is no such information about his children. He posts stuff on the famous micro-blogging platform ‘twitter’ quite frequently and he can be followed @Macfadyenangus. Angus’s annual salary is not known and his net worth is estimated to be around 4 million US dollars. He surely leads a royal life.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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