John Waite was born on 4 July 1952 in Lancaster, England. He was inclined towards singing and performing since his early childhood. His parents were of white ethnicity and of English nationality. He was born in a middle-class family. There is no data about his siblings but it is known that he had 2 of them. For his education, he went to Lancaster Art College after doing his high school from a nearby school.

He started his career by singing for a small band in his neighborhood. After a couple of years, he joined a band called The Babys. This was a very small band in England that did small shows around the country. After he joined it started to gain success and fame. He later sang man songs that featured in the top 100 list. His song called Isn't it Time that released in 1977 and the other Everytime I Think of You that came in 1979. Both these songs were featured on the list at 13 number which is a great coincidence.

He later went on to many shows around the world. The band much success in that decade and it went on to produce 5 albums within that span of time. The last of which was On the Edge in 1980. After the success of the band, he left it and launched his solo career in 1982. His first solo song was called The Change. The first album wasn't a success as none of the songs could feature in the Billboards top 100 lists.

Soon after his debut as a solo singer, he went on to perform at the MTV shows. In 1981 he released another album called Vision quest. The very next year he did another album called the No brakes which were a worldwide success. This album had many catchy songs such as Mission You and What Love Got To Do With It. It was very well received in the world as it sold more than 2 million copies outside of the UK, it even sold one million in the UK alone. In 1985 he sang another song called Every Step of the Way which was another success for him.

There is very less known about his personal life. He is married and spends most of his time with his beloved wife in England. He is a supporter of Chelsea FC which is a very famous football team in England. The team is currently at number one rank in the English Premier League having won its last 13 games and is about to break Arsenal's record of 14 games win on the straight. There is no news about his divorce of any misunderstanding in the relationship. He has two children with his marriage. He is an animal rights activist and takes part in many professions around the world. He also is a vocalist for Gay rights in the country. He has earned quite a lot of money with his talent. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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