Lucy Verasamy

Lucy Verasamy is a famous weather forecaster from England. She is presently working with ITV, which is based in Norfolk. 


Lucy Verasamy was August 2, 1980 in the town of Norfolk. She has a sibling who was just two years younger than her. Both of them shared a strong bond because of their close age. They were able to share experiences and grow together. Whenever Lucy needed a helping hand, she could count on her younger sister. She also enjoyed being the mentor of her younger sister. As she learned lessons growing up, she was very willing to share the knowledge and pass it on to her little sister. Both sisters were brought up with much care and that type of parenting has made both of them caring adults. Both her parents belonged to the profession of journalism. The work of her parents caused Lucy to develop a genuine interest towards news casting. She saw the change that her parents were making in the world and wanted to follow in their footsteps. She admired how much her parents were doing and felt that she could help them extend the family legacy.

She was also a very good student during her path in education. She was devoted to the topic of geography and liked to explore it whenever she got any free time. She completed her education from the Framlingham College Junior School and later enrolled at the King Edward VII School to study geography.

When she graduated from the school in 2001, she went on to study at Brunel University. She joined the university as an eager student with a major in Geography. She studied in the university for four year and graduated from the university in 2005. After her college graduation, she carried on with her studies of Geography and research work in the field. Her parents also helped her and supported her with every decision that she made.

Weather Forecasting Career

She started her weather career after many years of research and prep work. Lucy’s weather forecasting career started to take off after completing her formal education from her university. She always wanted to choose a career where she can spend most of the time with her research work in geography. When she got a call from the Press Association weather center, it was a dream come true moment for her. She was very dedicated as an employee and had written forecast news for newspapers and some radio stations before she got her big break with television work.

She began her TV appearances by working with the Sky Weather Centre, Fox 5 New York and many more networks. At Sky, she received several promotions. There, she also got the professional tag as a weather forecaster after many years of hard work. After several impressive appearances at Sky, she was given the chance to host the daily weather program, Sunrise.

In 2007, when they started their Green Britain campaign, they launched a special show for her leading to her huge popularity and named the segment as Climate Clinic - Ask Lucy. She also worked with The Weather Channel for a short period of time after leaving her job at Sky Weather Centre.


She finally joined her current home, ITV in 2010 to host their program, ITV Breakfast as a weather forecaster. The program was known as Daybreak and she would give the weather forecast and environment news along with Kristy McCabe. She was given the chance to do research about several weather stories and environmental problems at the channel like global warming. She was very happy that the network trusted her with assignments that went beyond weather reporting. While most weather forecasters had to just repeat the stats and forecast the upcoming weather, Lucy was allowed to present news about broader subjects. She gave her honest opinion about global warming. She wanted to warn the viewers about what was happening to our planet. She gave them suggestions on what they could do to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a better place to live.

Champion of Social Cause

Lucy threw her support behind a campaign called Give Hunger the Boot at Work. Female First asked Lucy to describe her role in the fundraiser, “I was shocked to learn that 1 in 4 people in sub-Saharan Africa still go hungry every day. At a time when there is so much need, I wanted to support a campaign that means that I can do my bit in helping to end hunger - Give Hunger the Boot at Work appealed to me. Wellies and wet weather are also linked to the day job! I have supported the charity Farm Africa for some time as its approach to ending hunger by providing practical long-terms solutions just seems like common sense to me. They don't give people a hand out, they provide people with the skills and seeds to grow crops that mean farming families can build their own futures, not rely on someone else to provide them.

She was very appreciate of the other people who helped out in the cause, “Thank you for pulling your welly boots on for Farm Africa's Give Hunger the Boot at Work campaign. I had fun wearing my wellies in the studio and I hope that those of you who took part had fun while tackling the serious issue of hunger. I am so glad that I could throw my support behind Give Hunger the Boot, to help end hunger just by getting involved and helping people to help themselves.”

Personal Life

Lucky had a knack for learning several languages. She is very fluent in the English and German languages. When she went to Germany for an internship, she met a man that became her boyfriend. She mentioned him several times in interviews but never gave up his name.

After a while, she stopped mentioned him and people around her assumed that the relationship was over. Since she never went public with the relationship, it is assumed that it was no that serious.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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