Ella Balinski

Personal life

Ella Balinska was born to Kaz Balinski and Lorraine Pascale. She was born on 4th October, 1996. She is aged 21 years. Her Starsign is Libra and her birthstone is opal, tourmaline and coral. The actress is best known for Hunted, Thanatos and Junction 9. She is Polish in origin. She is aged 21. She is Afro-American and is known as an Actress, Director and Writer. She is stunning with a height of 5 feet 12 inches with beautiful features like black hair and dark brown eyes. She has interests in both Sports and Drama and has actively participated in both fields. She was born in London, UK. She is probably single and has always been as there is no information recorded on that anywhere.


She has achieved fame both in Television and Film as a talented actress. She has earned a Net worth of 0.5 million dollars. She has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received critical acclaim. She went to the Arts Educational School in London and is also a member of the National youth theatre of Great Britain. She is disciplined in the Guildford School of acting. With the Academy of Performance Combat, She acquired her combat skills.

Current working status on Instagram

·         She is performing as Nyela in Nyela's dream

·         She is also shooting an ITV and BBC Drama

·         She is currently filming in Cardiff, Wales


Best known for

·         Balinska is set to film a leading role in ITV series Midsomer Murders, this will be her TV debut

·         Junction 9 (2015)

·         Thanatos (2015)

·         Hunted (2016)

·         10 Men and Gwen (2017)

·         Tiers of the Tropics (2017)

·         Clover (2017

·         Room (2017)


Ella's Timeline

@ellabalinska 197 followers on Twitter

@ellabalinska 3694 followers on Instagram with many pictures from her life


About Kaz Balinski

He is the father of Ella Balinska. He is the Producer, Director and Writer by profession. He is the Producer, Director and also the Writer of the movie 'Hunted'. Kaz and Lorraine decided to get divorced in the year 2000. Kaz is a very private person and stays away from social media.


All about Lorraine Pascale

She is a mother of Ella Balinska, and is an English Television Cook and a former Model. She had almost one million book sold only in the UK written by her. She was born on 17th Novenmber 1972, aged 44, lives in London, UK. Television shows like, How to be a Better Cook, Fresh and Easy food. She was born to Audrey Woodward and Roger Woodward. She has earned a Net worth of around $3.7 million. She is the best paid TV Chef. She turned a cool Chef from former Model.

198k followers on Instagram

@lorraine pascale 338,365 followers on Twitter

379,579 likes 362,288 followers on Facebook


Books by Lorraine Pascale

·         Baking Made Easy (2011)

·         Home Cooking Made Easy (2011)

·         A Lighter Way To Bake (2013)

·         How To Be A Better Cook (2014)

·         Everyday Easy (2015)

·         Eating Well Made Easy (2015)

·         Bake 125 Show Stopping Recipies, Made Simple

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