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Aimee Osbourne is an Actress and Musician, the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, and belongs to a family which is very famous, for their singing abilities. She was born on September 2, 1983, aged 34 in London, UK. Her birth sign is virgo. Her siblings Jack and Kelly appeared in the family MTV reality series, The Osbournes. Ozzy writes that he respects how her eldest daughter likes to be anonymous.

She grew up playing the piano. She was dating Rai Thistlewayte back in 2004-05, and now is possibly single. In her struggling years, she said for years it felt like "I was swimming in the ocean all by myself". She is now quite in the limelight in the musical world. The gorgeous Aimee Rachel Osbourne, an English-American, has beautiful features, height 5'6 with razor sharp chekbones.


·         Grand-daughter of Don Arden (maternal grandfather)

·         younger half sister of Jessica, Elliot and Louis Osbourne

·         niece of David Arden


Aimee Osbourne is a well admired Model, Singer, Actor, Columnist, Voice actor. The actress and composer, best known for God Bless Ozzy Osbourne in 2011, Ozzy Osbourne: Don’t Blame Me in 1991 and Wuthering Heights in 2003. She shares that she is attracted to films and music that is more cinematic and a little bit hunting and creepy. Aimee , the Synth Pop artist is now stepping into the spotlight on her own terms.

She separated herself from her family to make her music career.she appears in her own music videos, her video for raining gold gathered 2 million hits over Youtube within 2 months. She has an impressive Net worth of $5 million and that is her success story in numerics. She has never liked to link her professional and personal life. Her father wrote a song for her titled "Aimee". She used to appear in her father's music videos (heavy metal) and documentaries when she was a child.

Her music is absolutely unosbourne-like. Her songs depict varied moods, meditative, dark and not happy music. 'Raining gold' talks about delusion and self doubt. She says she has gone through a lot of dark environments and she supposes meloncholy is the current trend.

·         appeared on the Howard Stern Show in 1998

·         lent voiceover work in an animated movie Postman Pat in 2014

·         was cast in MTV's 2003 adaption of Wuthering Heights

·         she began recording and releasing music under the name ARO, her initials.

·         her best known work in music - Raining gold (2015), Cocaine style (2016), Rideau (2016), Collide (2017)

·         she attended Nylon and Myspace's party to celebrate their 3rd annual music issue on June 3, 2008 in California.


Aimee's timeline

ARO @aroofficialmusic 4054 followers 4077 likes on Facebook

399 followers on Twitter

4213 followers on Instagram


A glimpse of Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael Ozzy Osbourne, aged 68 years, born on 3rd December 1948. He is a popular English Singer, Actor and also a Song writer. He is a lead vocalist of Black Sabbath (heavy metal) in his 1970's. His work comprises of songs - Crazy train (Blizzard of ozz, 1980), No more tears (1991), Dreamer (Down to earth, 2001), Paranoid (1970), I don't wanna stop (Black rain, 2007)

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