Jim Rome is a very popular television host and anchor. He is known for his hosting and talking skills.

Jim Rome was born in the year 1964 on October 14th. He was born in California. He was the only child of his parents and his father had background of sports. His father was a hockey player and thus, he had a love for sports from his very childhood days. He was a sports lover and entertained every kind of sport. He used to go for hockey tournaments with his father on every weekend. He also visited Los Angeles for attending the hockey tournament as a viewer.

He excelled in tennis and when he was in the Calabasas High School, he attended a number of tennis tournaments. However, he had great skills of grabbing the attention of people through his impressive words. He started doing radio hosting from a very early age. This affected his education a lot and he was even threatened to drop out from the school. He concentrated in his studies and in the year 1982, he graduated from the same school.

After qualifying his graduation, he took an admission in the University of California-Santa Barbara. Due to his flourishing hosting career, his grades suffered a lot. His guardian was called several times due to this reason. He pursued a degree in communications in the university as he wanted to establish himself as a successful host in the future.

He worked as an intern for a long time in the radio stations and as he had no other employment options, he worked in the family business with his father for some time. After that, he got the chance in the KTMS radio station. Initially, he worked there as an intern but later, he was appointed there as a traffic-update reporter. He used to provide the broadcasting news on the radio station. He provided the station with interesting headlines. He was given the charge of the sports-talk show in the station.

After achieving much experience in the station, he joined the XTRA in San Diego. He hosted the show The Jim Rome Show during the midday in the year 1990. He soon captured the attention of the viewers on the television with his hosting talents. His show came to be regarded as “The Jungle”. Within a month, he had a million of fans whom he entertained thoroughly.

He started his television hosting on the ESPN2 channel. He has also interviewed a number of tennis players during his employment at the ESPN2 channel. In the Fox Sports Net, he hosted the show The Last Word in the year 1997. The show went on till the year 2002. In the same year of 1997, he got married to his wife Janet who worked with him at the same office of XTRA. The couple was also blessed with two children after some years of their marriage. They are leading a happy married life with each other and there is still no news about their separation.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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