Keith Morrison was born on 2 July 1947. He was born in Canada. At present he is 69 years old. There is no much information about his parents or about his childhood. It is also known that he married Suzanne Perry in 1981.

His wife was a writer and she also worked as a political fund raiser along with part time consultant. In those days, she is known to be the Press Secretary. She was reporting to Mr Trudeau who was the President of Canada in those days. This was Keith’s second marriage. Keith had 6 children in total out of which one was his step son and other was his son from the last marriage. From his marriage with Suzanne, he had 4 children.

Keith started his career in 1966 and his first employer was Saskatoon. He worked as a reporter for the mentioned station. In 1973, Keith got an offer to work with Canada AM. He worked there as a news reader. Keith provided the full report on Yom Kippu War and he was honoured with an award for his report. In 1995, he was working as a reporter for the same CTV group but the difference is that this time he was reporting at CTV National News. He was also a substitute on a CTV’s show. He worked there for 3 years.

After resigning from CTV, he got an opportunity to work with esteemed Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, also known as CBC. He started working there in 1982. He was also working for ‘The Journal’ and his responsibility was that of Chief Political Correspondent. He also got an opportunity to host the show called ‘Mid-day’.

In 1986, he decided to move to Los Angeles because he got a job offer in the city. In Los Angeles, he started working for KNBC-TV. He was working there as a news anchor. In 1988, because of his growing popularity, he got another job offer from NBC News. He was given an opportunity to work in ‘NBC Nightly News’ and he was also given an opportunity to work in ‘Today Show’.

In 1992, Keith went back to Canada. He started working for Canada AM again. But this time he was working as an anchor of a news show which was aired every morning. Beginning that year, he hosted a few shows. Some of the shows that he hosted are ‘Down the Colon Again’ and ‘The Editors’ In 1995, Keith joined NBC again. He had been known to cover the terrorist attack on World Trade Centre. He also covered the Tsunami and he angered the whole world by telling the world about the child soldiers in Africa. He is the man behind the success and popularity of Dateline.

Keith also appeared on Saturday Night Live which is also known as SNL. Keith’s annual salary is not public but it is clear that he earns a good salary as his net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million US dollars. Keith’s net worth speaks of his success.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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