Jerry Lee Rice, or simply Jerry Rice, was born on 13th October in the year 1962. He was born in Starkville, Mississippi, although he was raised in another little town in Mississippi, called Crawford. His father was a brick mason, and Jerry Rice, as well as his brother, often worked for the father’s business. As the football player later confessed, he believes that working for his father helped him to develop such hands. According to the biography of Rice in the book co-written by him, he started to play football in school when he tried to cut class. When the principal of the school called his name, he tried to flee. So, then he was given two options: either be punished, or join the school’s football team.


In 1981, Jerry Rice was enrolled in the Mississippi Valley State University, where he studied until 1984. At the university, he immediately started his football career with the university team. At that time, he was given a nickname “World”, since there was no ball in the world that he was unable to catch. Together with Willie Totten, they have become renowned as “The Satellite Express”. His football career at the university was highly successful and reached its zenith in 1984, before graduation, when he scored 628 points and attracted nationwide attention.

Career Experience

Jerry Rice started his career with the team of the San Francisco 49ers, after he attracted nationwide attention thanks to his success at the Mississippi Valley. However, apart from San Francisco 49ears, there were at least 5 other teams ready to sign a contract with him. As the coach of the San Francisco 49ers said, he saw Jerry Rice watching a game’s highlight on the eve before playing, and it influenced him to pick Jerry. Within the period between 1985 and 1994, he has been highly successful all the decade, breaking new and new records. He several times helped the San Francisco’s team to win the championship. In particular, he led the NFL in receiving touchdowns (13), receiving yards (1,502), and receptions (100) in 1900. The following year was even more successful for him, as he broke another NFL record: 15 touchdowns, 1,848 receiving yards, and 122 receptions.

However, in 1999 and 2000 he failed to score even 1,000 receiving yards. In 2000, Jerry Rice left the San Francisco’s team and signed a contract with Oakland Riders. In his new time, he started to get back on track with 9 touchdowns, 1,139 yards, and 83 passes in 2001 and 7 touchdowns, 1,211 yards, and 92 passes in 2002. On 11th November in the year 2002, Jerry Rice scored the 200th touchdown in his career, which is the NFL’s all-time record.

He finished his career in Seattle Hawks in 2004, thus having played for the 4 different states. Up to date, his net worth is believed to be $55 million. In 2004, his net salary (without bonus) was $476,470, a third part of the full sum. Nowadays, he is believed to be paid with around $500,000.

Personal life

On 8th September in the year 1987, Jerry Rice married Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell. They have three children: Jada Symone, Junior Jerry Rice, and Jaqui Bonet. However, his wife file for divorce in 2007, and the couple got divorced in 2009.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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