Jack Wagner is an American singer and actor. He has acted in classic shows such as Melrose Place, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful. As a singer, he is known for his huge hit All I Need which ranked highly on all the top pop charts of the time. He has also acted in an operatic production titled They’re Playing Our Song.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Jack Wagner, also sometimes known as John Wagner, was born in Washington in Missouri in 1959. His father was Peter Wagner who was a car salesman. He was raised a Catholic. During his school days, he took up golfing and hoped to become a pro. He also basketball and football. However, whenever he performed on stage, it was well-received. He won the Missouri State Golf Championship in 1980, which gave him a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. It was here that his interests veered towards acting.

His first tryst with acting was as a tour guide at the Universal Studios. The first acting role came in 1982 in a soap show known as A New Day in Eden.

Acting Career

It did not take much time for Jack Wagner with his good looks and acting chops to win over the hearts of the studio bosses as well as the audiences through several soap operas. He was first noticed in Santa Barbara, and then he did a stint with Sunset Beach as well. Both these shows were hits and so was his performance. These landed him the role of Dr. Peter Burns in Melrose Place, which was a long stint. But his longest innings was in The Bold and the Beautiful, where he acted in over 1300 episodes.

Music Career

Wagner is known only for one song. His song All I Need was released in 1985 and at that time he was fresh out of his General Hospital success. The song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 100 charts and stayed his only hit. He did not make any more songs and even this song did not have a music video. The only video is that of him performing the song at a concert. All I Need was ranked by VH1 in its 2009 list of one-hit wonders.

Personal Life

Wagner married Kristina Wagner in 1993. They divorced in 2006 and have two children. They are both boys, named Peter Wagner and Harrison Wagner.

In 2008, Jack Wagner was briefly the boyfriend of Heather Locklear and even got engaged to her. But this engagement did not culminate into a wedding for they broke off a few months later.

He discovered that he had birthed a daughter through a short romantic fling he had with a woman. He reunited with this daughter named Kerry when she was 23 years old.

Even today, he is quite a celebrated golfer. He is one of the few people in the game who have a zero golfing handicap. He is often confused with other Jack Wagners, especially Jack Francis Wagner who does voiceover for Disney parks. At present his net worth is around $9.8 million.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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