Cory D. Hardrict, then a future actor, was born on 9th November in the year 1979. He was born in Chicago, Illinois.


In Chicago Heights, Illinois, Cory Hardrict enrolled in the Bloom Trail High School, and after graduation from it he started to work on TV.

Career Experience

His career on TV began in the late 1990s, when he started to participate in such prime-time programs and shows like “ER”, “Once and Again”, “Felicity”, and “Smart Guy”. However, his debut in real movie took place in 1999, when he played the role of a packer in a romantic comedy, named “Never Been Kissed”. Two years later, in 2001, he starred in another, this time drama movie under the name “Crazy/Beautiful”.

As the years went on, his career progressed too: in the period between 2004 and 2006 he starred in such movies like “Miles from Home”, “Creature Unknown”, “Driftwood”, and “Return of the Living Dead: Rave from the Grave”. In the meantime, he actively participated and starred in TV series films and shows: in the period between 2000 and 2004, Cory Hardrict played roles in 17 TV series and shows, which made him more recognizable among viewers.

In 2007, he got a role in the “Lincoln Heights” TV series. In the same year, he was also an executive producer of the Neighborhood Watch, the movie in which he played a role as well. Since then, his career has improved quite much, and in 2009 he, together with his wife and her sister, played a role of James in the movie “Hollywood Horrors”. In 2014, he got a role, even though a supporting one, in the blockbuster “American Sniper”. Up to date, he continues to star in movies and TV series and does not show any intention to stop doing so.

The net worth of Cory Hardrict is believed to be equal to $3 million.

Personal life

Cory Hardrict has had a dramatic life. It is known that he was born in a poor family, and his parents, namely his mother, wanted him to achieve success and do all possible to get it. Cory Hardrict confessed that when his mother got sick, he was near her bed all the time until she told him to go and work. One day she died, and Cory could not believe it and barely stood that hit. As the actor said, he was falling apart for 14 days and could not believe that it happened, because his parents were the most important to him.

He married his wife, Tia Mowry, on 20th April in the year 2008. Previously, they dated for six years, and Cory confessed that it was exactly his wife who believed in him and to whom he is thankful for the success. Once, he said, she was in going by in the car while he was standing at a stop, and she asked to drive him. At that time Tia Mowry was a star who played one of the main roles, along with her twin sister, on Sisters, Sisters, while Cory had almost nothing. And he confessed that he is eternally to his wife.

Cory Hardrict is highly active in Instagram, where he has a whopping 233 thousand of followers!


Among the latest movies in which Cory Hardrict starred, there are: “Transcendence” (2014), “Destined” (2014), “Brotherly Love” (2014), “American Sniper” (2014), “Spectral” (2016 – has to be released yet), and “All Eyez On Me” (2016).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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