Jeffrey Todd Garlin, who is more famous under the nickname of Jeff Garlin, was born on 5th June in the year 1962. The future actor and stand-up comic was born in the family of Carole and Gene Garlin in Chicago, Illinois. However, the child was raised in the city of Morton Grave, where his father had a business. Jeff Garlin also has a junior brother, called Michael.


Since Jeffrey Garlin has Jewish roots, he visited the Hebrew school and was enrolled in the Elementary School in Morton Grove. While being a pupil of the elementary school, he first wanted to become a comedian. In addition, he enjoyed playing different types of sport at the school but had to stop due to having WPW syndrome. When his family moved to Florida, he attended the Nova High School. After graduating from the school in 1980, Jeff Garlin enrolled in the Broward Community College. Following studying there, he also enrolled in the University of Miami, yet later he became a dropout.

Career Experience

When Jeff Garlin turned 22, he decided to realize his dream of being a comedian. He started his career in a troupe called The Second City, well-known for its improvisational sketch comedies. Following his work for The Second City, he also worked in a pay-box, together with Stephen Colbert, and became a friend of Conan O’Brien, a comedy writer, since they were roommates. Once, he was even employed by Jon Steward, the famous comedian and the lead inspirer of the Daily Show.

In 1983, Jeff Garlin appeared in a movie first time. In the movie called “Spring Break”, he played the role of Gut Gut. After it, he made a break for starring in films for the long 9 years and appeared in another film only in 1992. In fact, he starred in two films in 1992: Hero, where he played the role of News Vendor, and Straight Talk, where he got the role of Bob. After it, he moved on with his acting career by starring more and more actively. Up to date, he starred in a total of almost 40 movies. One of the major and best performed roles of his is believed to be the role of Sid in “The Bounty Hunter”. In addition, he played roles in almost equal number of TV series, too.

In the period between 2013 and 2015, he also led over 30 podcasts.

Up to date, the net worth of Jeff Garlin is equal to $5 million.

Personal life

In 1994, Jeff Garlin married Marla Beth Cahan. He and his wife have two children: two sons, named Duke and James, who live in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The actor practices transcendental meditation, which, according to his confessions, he does twice per day. Jeff Garlin has had significant problems with his health: apart from the already-mentioned WPW syndrome, the actor suffers from the diabetes (type II) and experienced a heart attack. He is well-known for openly speaking about issues with his weight.


Jeff Garlin, in particular, wrote several books on the problem of weight loss: “My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World” (2010) and “Curbing It” (2012). Previously, he wrote a book in cooperation with John Ficarra, called “The MAD Bathroom Companion” (2004).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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