Jane Benyo is a popular person since she was the first wife to the famous rock musician called Tom Petty. She became well known in the year 1970s and it was the time that she married Petty. Petty is a musician and is legendary to be the front man for American Rock Band called Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

The two have two children together before their divorce in the year 1996. Even if the marriage seemed to be the best marriage, after the divorce, it came out that it was a torture to live together.

After the marriage, Jane Benyo stayed out of the media and she became interesting again when her ex husband died in 2017. He suffered a full cardiac arrest and it was found out that it was a result of an overdose from different medications.

According to her biography, Jane Benyo was born in the city of Gainesville in Florida. However, since she came to the limelight after her marriage, the details of what she was doing before are not found in the media. The two met when she was a teenager and they lived together for near two decades.

The divorce was not easy on the two parties. Jane Benyo turned obsessive and was calling her then husband with the suicide threats. Tom Petty at the other hand, he was addicted to heroin and alcohol and had to go through therapy to get the help before the marriage itself ended.

Petty got remarried in 2001 and the second wife was called Dana York Epperson. They met in 1991 during his concerts. He says that the second wife was the one that helped him to overcome his addictions. She also helped him to gain the trust from his children. The two stayed together up to the time that Tom Petty died. Petty died when he was 66 years old.

The children of the couples are Kimberly Violette who was born in 1974 and then Adria born in 1982. Kimberly is a fashion enthusiast and an artist. She changed the name from Petty and she is called Violette. It is because she likes Ultraviolet color. Adria Petty works as an editor and art director. She had worked on some music videos of well known artists like Regina Spektor, Macy Gray, Coldplay and Beyonce.

Jane Benyo told Nicks that she did met with Tom Petty when she was seventeen, however she misunderstood age of seventeen as Edge of Seventeen and sung the song Edge of Seventeen from the idea.

Even if Jane Benyo was happy when she married Tommy Petty, the marriage did not last. They divorced after being together for 22 years. It was said that the marriage ended because Petty was dedicating more time to his career and Jane suffered depression and loneliness. In the biography of Petty, he said that his wife was mentally ill.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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