Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo was born in the year 1975 and she is a motivational speaker, a web television host for Marie TV and a life coach. She owns Marie Forleo International, Marie TV and B-School. According to her biography, Marie Forleo was born in New Jersey and attended Seton Hall University. She finished with a business degree in finance.

After finishing the college, she worked as trading assistant at the floor of New York Stock Exchange. She then left to join Mademoiselle and Gourmet. She took online course where she learned the skills needed in coaching the clients. She started a newsletter and got subscribers with coaching clients. The clients were coming from the relationship that she did form when she was in dance classes, instructing fitness and bartending. She was among the first people to join Nike Elite Dance Athletes.

In her life coaching career, Marie Forleo wrote a book named Make Every Man Want You: How to be so Irresistible, You’ ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself. The book had been translated in over sixteen languages. She started Marie Forleo International, a business that coaches people in 2009. This company teaches personal development to small business owners and entrepreneurs. In the year 2011, Marie Forleo was invited by Sir Richard Branson so that she can mentor young entrepreneurs in the Centre for Entrepreneurship. She then launched the web Television show on Marie TV. She attended Life is Beautiful Conference and she was a speaker in 2014.

When it comes to her personal life, Marie Forleo got married and her husband is an actor called Josh Pais. They keep their life together private so there is no information about what they do. They live in New York.

Marie Forleo’s net worth is 4.5 million dollars. There are no controversies and rumors that surround her. From her career and personal life, she is a person who likes to be well organized and there is nothing that gets too much attention from the media.

Marie’s hair is dark brown with brown eyes. Marie Forleo is active on the social media, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, she has 506 followers and on Instagram, she has 316 followers while on twitter, she has 200k followers. On her YouTube Channel, She has at least 454K subscribers.

Her husband Josh Pais, was born in the year 1964 in the city of New York in New York. He was born under the name of Joshua Atwill Pais. He is a writer and an actor. He played in Motherless Brooklyn, in Joker and Ray Donovan. He was married first to Lisa Emery and they had a child together. His father is Abraham Pais who is a poet and a painter. His son acts and he is called Zane Pais. He appeared in Teenage Mutant Ninja and was wearing the turtle costume while also voicing his character.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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