Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera is American singer and also an actor. He is active singer from 1995 and he became to be known for his records like Me Puse Pensar, El Tamaulipeco, El Abandonado and El Atizador.

From his biography, Juan Rivera was born in United States but his parents were Mexican immigrants. His father is called Pedro Rivera and her mother is Rosa Saavedra. There is no information what he did while growing up and the studies he did.

He started a singing career in the year 1995 at the 16 years old and from that time up to now, he had not stopped. The first album was called El Atizador. He also released another album called El Atizor vol 2. His singing talent had helped him to get many followers and fans. He is capable to release an album after another album. In 1999, Juan Rivera released Juan Rivera Y Los Corridos Mas Broncudos and in 2000, he released Orden De Aprehension and Los Cuates Colgando. After sometime, he did released different records such as Entre Loquera, Mano Musicals, El Tamaulipeco, Oveaj Negra.

In addition of singing career, he is also known as an actor. He appeared in La Dinastia de Los Perez in which he was Jose Luis Perez in the year 1994. In the year 2001, he was in extra role for Jefe de Nadie.

He did spread his wings in the two careers. In the year 2013, he was able to perform at Billboard Latin Music Awards. His career is successful and it paid him very well. His career pays him well and he has achieved 700,000 dollars as a net worth.

When it comes to his personal life, Juan Rivera is still single. Even if he is successful in his singing career, he had neglected his love life. He got married 3 times. The first wife was Anna de Juan in the year 1986 and then in 1997, he married Jennifer Garcia while he married Megan Jones in the year 2005.

Juan Rivera had been successful in keeping his life away of the limelight. There is no information that he may be having children. However, it is said that he got a child when he was still young, but there is no more information about this child.

His family is leading in the regional music in USA. Other family members who sing are Chiquis Rivera, Lupillo Rivera and Jenni Rivera. He is also a relationship to a businesswoman called Rosie Rivera. Some of his songs; La Lampara and El Ser Equivocado ranked at the Billboard Latin Charts.

Juan Rivera is tall and had 6 feet with 2 inches. The body weight equals 104kg. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. Juan Rivera is an active person on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He had 261K followers on Facebook, 256k followers on the Instagram and 347K on his twitter account.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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