Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin is an American naturalist, television personality and author who is famous for preserving wildlife because of which she currently owns a zoo in Australia.

Personal life

Terri Irwin was born on 20th July in 1964 in Eugene, Oregon according to his biography. She is a proud American national who currently works in Australia as a zoo owner. Terri was born as the youngest of her two other siblings to parents Judy and Clarence Raines. Her parents were environmentalists themselves which is what motivates Terri to do her bit towards nature. Terri’s father ran a long-distance truck traveling business and he used to bring in his house wounded animals which he encountered on his way.

Terri was so moved with these incidents during her childhood that she made up her mind to serve the wildlife once she grows up and it’s safe to say that she has succeeded in it. Terri began saving the animals as soon as she turned into her 20s by starting her own rehabilitation center for predator mammals which included raccoons, cougars, bobcats, foxes, and bears. Each year, she was indulged with over three hundred such animals whom she treated and released back into the wild.

Terri Irwin got married to Steve Irwin, the famous ‘Crocodile Hunter’ in 1992 and relocated to Australia to start her new life with her beloved husband. She had two kids with her namely Robert Clarence Irwin and Bindi Sue Irwin. There have not been any rumors of a divorce her husband but he sadly passed away in 2006 in a trekking accident. Being an active environmentalist, Terri hardly gets time to use social media. She is not on Instagram as she spends most of her day completing the strenuous tasks of her day.


Terri Irwin has always had an arduous lifestyle as she worked relentlessly towards preserving the wildlife. While assisting her father run his family business and rehabilitating animals as part of her own business, Terri also worked as a veterinary technician so as to gain the requisite knowledge to serve the animals better. Terri was such an animal lover that she owned fifteen cats herself! It was a match made in heaven when Terri met Steve Irwin while she was visiting a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Australia. Two people sharing a common passion towards their work met and their work reached greater heights ever since. 

In 2006, Terri was bestowed upon the membership of the Order of Australia to honor her dedication to the conversation of wildlife and for promoting tourism. In 2014, she was also honored with the Australian Institute of Management owner-manager of the year award. In the same year, she also won the top award for 'woman of style' at the InStyle annual ceremony.

Terri and Steve Irwin got documented while on their honeymoon which went on to become the initial episode of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. This television show as a major hit globally. After settling in Australia, Terri had to leave behind her ‘Cougar Country’ project of rehabilitating animals behind in the United States itself but the new country paved the way towards greater success in Terri’s life. The couple had also released a film titled ‘The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course’ in 2002 which was appreciated globally by many people. Even at the age of 54, Terri Irwin is working towards her mission and has a net worth of $5 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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