Jackie Steves

Jackie Steves is known as the daughter of Rick Steves. Her father is famous for being a travel blogger and media personality.


Jackie Steves is the daughter of Rick Steves and his ex-wife Anne Steves. She grew up with a brother named Andy Steves. Her father, Rick became famous for being a travel writer and television personality who had written different travel guides. Rick was the host of a TV show called Travel With Rick Steves and a travel show on public radio called Rick Steves’ Europe. Rick was born in the city of Edmonds, Washington. He is author of different books where he talks about the adventures he had. He wrote a guidebook on the beauty of Italy which was sold around the entire world. He is a traveler who visited different places in Europe and recorded his experiences in his blogs and books. Travelers have recommended that any trip to Europe should not be made without watching a program or reading a book from Rick first. Rick is able to do his best to show people the way and this has helped him earn over 10 million dollars in net worth.

Rick got married to Anne Steves in a secret wedding but they had already dated for a long period. After some time, the couple decided to divorce but they did not talk about the reason for their divorce.

Career and Net Worth

After Jackie Steves finished her high school education, she wanted to fly to go to Europe. It was going to be a new experience for her even though she visited the continent before because this time it would be without her parents. This time she would be going with her friend, Juliana. Her father and brother also did the same and traveled without parents when they finished their high school educations. Instead of asking for money from her parents, she decided to fund her traveling by teaching piano.

Whenever she travels, she goes around with the travel guide books of her father. Her father taught her important tricks like how to book cheap hotels or hostel reservations. Even when during her travels, Jackie Steves missed the company of her parents, she was still happy since she was able to satisfy her wants and interests. She recorded everything she enjoyed and posted them on a travel blog.

Before starting her junior year at Georgetown University, Jackie traveled to South America for her summer vacation. She told her classmates that Machu Picchu is actually not exaggerated and that its antiquated magnificence and beauty environment lives on. She reveals to them that tango dance in Argentina is the most sexually explicit charming yet noble expression of art ever developed. She shared with them that Brazilians are the experts at life because they are admirers of dance, melody, progress, excellence, convention, and love itself. She told them that heaven can be found on a little island off the shore of Brazil, rimmed by flawless yellow-sand seashores and little boats and not a solitary vehicle.


Last Modified: May 26, 2020

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