Anne Steves got married to her long time boyfriend called Rick Steves and they got married in a secret after a long period. However, because of the personal reason, the two ended the relationship and they asked for a divorce. They have two grownup children and they are Jackie Steves and Andy Steves.

The biography of Anne Steves is not available online since her husband is the one who is being talked about more. Rick Steves was born in the year 1955 and it was in May 10th which makes him to be over 60 years now. He is a well-known person who is a travel author and a television personality who has written different travel guides. He is the host for the American Public Television series called Rick Steves Europe and the public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves. He was born in the place known as Edmonds and it is found in State of Washington in USA. He is a talented old man with American nationality and belongs to a white ethnicity. He is author of many books and he addresses more adventures and travels that he has made. He had also written the books about the media deals and he also penned the guidebook on a beautiful Italy and it was sold in a number of some copies in the world.

Like a travel guide, a traveler and also author, he visited different places around the entire Europe and he has written the experience he had in the papers. He has also been a part of many TV shows and different movies. He is a tall man with the height of 6 feet and he is famous and there is much information about him online. He can be found on Facebook and Twitter under his username @RickSteves and he has over 62.5K. He likes to post the travel updates with the information on many parts of Europe and on the official accounts.

Before Rick Steves became American Author for his location specific traveling kind of guides, he was working like a tour guide during summer and served like a piano teacher in the rest of the time. Anne Steves’ wedding to Rick is a favorite to many people and they got married in St Thomas of Villanova while the reception was at Saint David Gold Club. Anne used Calla Lillies with roses and a touch of Hydrangea for the bridal bouquet. The two got divorce in the year 2010 but by now, none of them has decided to get married again. The announcement of their divorce was shocking to everyone. There is no news about the reasons behind the divorce and the two are still single up to now. It is not clear what Anne is doing now. His net worth is 10 million dollars and his salary is not disclosed.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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