August Tripplehorn

August Tripplehorn is the son of an American actress, Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn. He was born as August Tripplehorn Orser on May 23, 2002. His father was Leland Orser which his mother got married to two years earlier in 2000. He was very big at birth weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces. His father was born on the 6th of August, 1960 California. He is an American actor who acts in films and TV series. His mother is not the first wife of his father. Leland’s first marriage to Roma Downey lasted for only two years between 1987 and 1989. The couple settled for divorce which paved the way for Leland to take Jeanne as his wife in 2000.

Leland has a successful acting career spanning over 25 years from 1991 till present. He has acted in many TV series like NCIS: LA, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Golden Girls, Cheers, The X-Files, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and so on.

He also has some appearances in some films such as Taken, Taken 2, Twisted, Daredevil, Independence Day, The Bone Collector and a host of others.

His mother

Jeanne Tripplehorn was born some 3 years after his husband. She came to the world on June 10, 1963. She was born in Oklahoma in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Tom Tripplehorn and Suzanne Ferguson.

For her education, she attended Edison High School where she graduated in 1981. She later proceeded to University of Tulsa where she spent only one semester. To prepare herself for a successful career in acting, she attended the Drama Division of Juilliard School where she honed her acting skills.

As an actress, some of the movies that she appeared in are Basic Instinct (Her debut film), The Firm, Office Killer, Mickey Blue Eyes and Swept Away.

She got a nomination for Primetime Emmy Award for her role in Grey Gardens. She also got herself on the cast of Criminal Minds. She joined Criminal Minds in the eighth season by playing the role of Emily Prentiss formerly played by Paget Brewster. Per episode of this TV series, she got a 6-figure salary.

Personal life

He lives with his parents in the USA where both of his parents are into the entertainment business as accomplished actor/actress in Hollywood.

Despite the success of his mother in her chosen profession, she seems to be media shy. Unlike her colleagues, she is inactive on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. She definitely doesn’t share her pictures with her fans as others do. She prefers to spend her time with her husband and son. Nevertheless, she is a popular and successful actress.

The family is estimated to have a net worth of a whooping $20 million. This is not bad for a young man with a caring father and a loving mother.

In view of the fact that this family has been able to avoid the public glare and remain free of scandal of any sort, they have been able to find immunity against family breakup. This is the ideal environment for the child to develop properly.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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