The real name of this American journalist is Christopher Loffrado Hayes. He is also a brilliant political commentator and an excellent author. He was born on February 28, 1979. He and his twin brother, Lynn, were born in Bronx, New York. His father was Italian while his mother was Irish which gives him a mixed ethnicity. His father, Roger Hayes, relocated from Chicago to New York while he was a student at a seminary. He is now at the Department of Health of New York as an assistant commissioner. His mother was into the teaching profession and now works at the Department of Education of New York City.

He has a wife, Kate Shaw, which he married to a couple of years ago.


He had his high school education at Hunter College High School, New York City. From there he went to Brown University to have his degree. He bagged a Bachelor of Arts form the school majoring in Philosophy. When he was in the university, he joined the school theater group, Production Workshop.


He started his career in the print media with The Nation Institute. He was also contributing to The Nation as a writer. He later succeeded David Corn as the Washington, D.C editor for The Nation. He later became the senior editor for In These Times, a newspaper based in Chicago.

He was contributing regularly to the Chicago Reader, a newspaper that afforded him the opportunity to cover events that are of great importance to the people. The way he analyzes events are a perfect reflection of his sharp mind and his intellectual prowess. These are the tools he has used to carve a niche for himself over the years as a commentator of repute.

He hosts a lot of shows on the cable network. His personal show, All In with Chris Hayes is one of the most popular shows in the country. This show enjoys good broadcast on MSNBC. He also hosts another show on this channel called Up with Chris Hayes.

As a journalist with a very good analytical mind, he made a lot of contributions to the 9/11 attacks through his writings. He also wrote a lot about labour movement in the country. In 2010, he co-hosted The Rachel Maddow Show. This show was very popular as it attracted thousands of viewers whenever it was aired.

He has definitely worked for every dime of his net worth which runs into millions of dollars.

Private life

He transfers his career success to his private life. He is married to his heartthrob, Kate, after many years of dating. They are blessed with two children, Ryan and David, who were born in 2011 and 2014 respectively. He also has a salary that runs into thousands of dollars to attend to their financial needs.

His good relationship with his wife and kids is reflected in the fact that he has been able to avoid any scandal no matter how small it is. And the facts that he is not involved in any extramarital affairs makes his family to be strong and not susceptible to any divorce in the near future.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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