Baxter Neal

Silas Baxter Neal was raised in the city of Eugene in Oregon and they had the evergreen wonderland at the backyard. He did spend too much time of his childhood among the trials, streams and wildlife. He was raised in a beaten track. He is now living in Portland which has become his home for some time now. It is a home that it is surrounded by the natural environment and it caters for the outdoor ways of Silas. He moved back there because he wanted to start a family and because of his pro-career. He took over the legendary space in the warehouse and it was housed before by Dept. of Skateboarding Skatepark. He has built indoor park now and he sunk in the Skateboarding of the country. He is going to release an Adidas full-length for Away Days and it will be released during May and everyone is predicting that his part is going to be of a showstopper.

Baxter Neal had filmed in different cities for three years now for Away Days show. He was also collaboration with his long time friend called Jon Humphries and he is Oregonian photographer. He said that this project is closer to his heart since he wished to do something which is cool together with Jon and the two have strong Oregon pride and ties. The project helps them to make something timeless and special.

Baxter Neal has a skatepark in Portland and he says that he came up with his idea because there were no shops in the town when he reached there. When he started to look for the buildings, they did not find the home they can make a skatepark because of the zoning reasons. There were one place which is lined up but the owner decided to back out at the last minute. The place they choose had been before a skatepark but it went out of the business. They choose it at a random but it was at the right price and it was available when they needed it. It is something cool to be in that place since there is already a skating history.

When it comes to take his video or pictures, he likes to move around with him, a photographer and a filmer. He likes to go shredding in the downtime during the weekends.

Some of Baxter Neal biography is not found on internet such as on imdb and there is no record of who are his parents. Besides, Away Days, there is no record of other movies and tv shows that he was in. There is not information also about his net worth. He has a son that he likes to take to training but there is no record if he is married or not. His son only skate for some time and rides his bike. His Instagram page is @silasbaxterneal.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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