Jeremy Rytky

Jeremy Rytky works as a lawyer but he is known for his former marriage to Andrea Barber, who was a star on one of the most popular television sitcoms in history, Full House. She played the role of Kimmy Gibbler who was cast the annoying and quirky neighbor of the main family on the show.


Jeremy graduated from Whittier Law School in 2007. He also was a member of the United States Marine Corps in 4 years. His combination of lawyer education and military training made him a unique and interesting man in the dating pool. The women admired his intelligence and ability to make social connections with the people around him. He needed to be socially intelligent in order to convince people when he participated in court cases.

Another thing that attracted women to him was his military experience and training. They saw him as a strong and handsome man that could take care of them when they were in trouble. Since he was just a regular person when it came to social status, the friends of Andrea Barber were at first hesitant when they entered a serious relationship. It wasn’t until he revealed his full background that they felt he was a really qualified person for their friend.

Famous Ex Wife’s Background

Andrea Barber finished her primary education with La Senna High School in California and she got an English Bachelor’s Degree from Whittier College. She has a Women’s Studies MA and this was from University of York, England. Afterwards, she went back to Whittier where she was assistant of office of International Programs’ director of Whittier College. Her parents are Sherry Barber and Donald Banks and she was born with two older brothers named Justin and Darin.

In an interview with The Mom-O-Logue, Andrea was asked about Jeremy when they were still married, “I love spending time with her husband. We first met in Southern California about 11 years ago when he was stationed as a Marine at Camp Pendleton. It was a Friday night when my two girl friends and I were hanging out in the Irvine Spectrum and randomly bumped into Jeremy and his two guy friends. There was an instant connection, and each paired off, with me and Jeremy together. Out of the three couples who started dating after that night, two of them eventually got married and had kids. The other couple who married ended up having triplets! Apparently, that was a very successful Friday date night.”

When asked what about Jeremy caught her attention, Andrea said, “It was probably a 0 with the shaver. He just had that military look. We went country line dancing soon after that, and after all these year, here we are.”

Marriage to a Television Sitcom Star

In his younger days, Jeremy never knew that he would end up marrying an American actress that played Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. He grew up seeing her on screen but he only saw her one show. He didn’t realize that his wife actually had a longer list of credits.


Andrea Barber played her first role on television when she was cast on the soap opera show, Days of Our Lives. On the popular daytime program, she played a role as Carrie Brady from 1982 until 1986. She was also a guest star of different movies and TV shows.

On Full House, Andrea’s character was the best friend of D.J Tanner, one of the daughters of the main family on the show. She was on the show from 1987 until 1995 when the show ended. She was first cast in a recurring role but afterwards she was given a regular role because of how positive the audience reacted to her.

When the Full House series ended, she retired and stopped acting so that she can focus more on her personal life. In the year 2012, she reprised the same role of her famous Kimmy Gibbler character in the Funny or Die sketch together with Dave Coulier who was also a former co-star with her in Full House as Uncle Joey.

Since many of the men on her former show, Full House were desired by the female fans of the show for many different reasons, Andrea was asked to compare her husband to one of them,  “Ew. None of the above. I can’t even go there; I can’t even think of those men in that way. Danny is too clean. Joey is too much of a comedian, joking around with kid voices. Jessie is too motorcycle cool. But, my husband would have been a great guest star on the show.”

Andrea was happy to be retired but she got an offer that she couldn’t refuse when Netflix wanted to bring back Full House on their streaming service. They decided to call the new show, Fuller House. Most of the cast was brought back including Jodie Sweetin and Candice Cameron.

Andrea Barber has many fond memories about the time she was playing as Kimmy Gibbler for Full House. However, she said that she had problems with the wardrobe and when they were told to take home clothes, she would only take a pair of pants while others were taking too many clothes. She wanted to save money as a working actress and wasn’t happy that some of the cast members were being treated than others.

Personal and Family Life

Together with his ex-wife, Jeremy and Andrea are parents to two children who are named Felicity and Tate. Their first son Tate James Rytky was born in 2004, when Andrea was 27 years old. Their second baby was born when Andrea was 30 years old. The new baby was a daughter called Felicity Ruth Rutky, she was born in 2007.

Andrea Barber was married to Jeremy Rytky for many long years but the two divorced in 2014. Andrea has a net worth of 1 million. Andrea Barber does not only run for fun but she runs the marathons and her Instagram feed has full of the shots when she runs in colorful running gear as she trains for  upcoming events.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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