Ian Alexander Sr

Ian Alexander Sr is a former American actor that is most known for being the ex husband of Emmy Award winning actress, Regina King.

Famous Wife

His personal life came under media’s radar when he started dating Regina King in 1990s. They had their son even before their engagement was announced. Their son was born in 1996 and was named after him as Ian Alexander Jr. They got engaged in 1997 and got married in the same year on April 23rd. They felt some pressure to get married quickly after their son was born. They did not want to face backlash from their families for having a baby before marriage. Even though they did not subscribe to traditional practices, they still did not want to upset their families. They saw the birth of their son as a strong sign. The birth signaled to them that they were soul mates and needed to make their bond official. Since they loved each other enough to have a child together, they felt that they loved each other enough to commit to marriage.

Neither Ian nor King talked about their relationship in any interview when they were married. There are no details on whether they were happy and close to each other when they were married because the is a lack of public information on their marriage. Public details about their relationship did not start coming out until things got bad between them.

Lying and Cheating

Rumors about Ian’s extra marital affairs started to pop up in 2006. In 2007, the couple got divorced after a decade of being married. Regina shared with the media that Ian had an affair with a woman. To make things worse, he was also physically abusive towards her. There was no domestic case put against Ian based on Regina’s claims because she did not go to the police.

After the divorce, Ian was not seen with any woman that could be pegged as the mistress. The name of woman with whom he was accused was not revealed and her photo was also not exposed. Since Ian was single after the divorce for a very long time, many rumors started to grow about what really happened. It was speculated that Ian lost his attractiveness to women after the divorce. During his marriage, women saw him as a prize because he was involved with a famous actress. They saw it as a challenge to tempt him and make him cheat.

Ian did not comment on the divorce to media. As time progressed, his personal life stepped out of the limelight. The divorce ended up being one of the worst things that happened to him. While his ex wife continued on her successful acting career, his own acting career went nowhere.

Their son, Ian Jr is really close with his mother. It is not known whether there was a child custody battle or if both parents decided that it was best for Ian Jr to live with his mom. Since Ian and King kept the divorce proceedings and related details to themselves, there is very little known about it. It is speculated that the divorce reasons included Ian’s drug usage too.


After the divorce, King started dating another actor named Malcolm Warner for several years but their relationship ended in 2013. The split from Malcom gave Regina a new lease on life and also changed how she viewed men as potential partners. She went on the Wendy Williams TV show in March 2015 and described how she wanted her ideal partner to behave, "I mean, look, look, this is the thing. I think you can find love anywhere and my heart is open to it, but I would like to have...if I can pay for us to go on a vacation, all expenses paid out of my own pocket, then he should be able to do that as well."

Her statement was seen as a reference to her ex husband. For most of their relationship, she was the bread winner because she was getting bigger roles and being featured in more high profile movies. While she was out filming, he was at home spending their money. While she was working hard studying her lines and getting ready for her roles, he was out cheating on her with other women. To add insult to injury, he was using their money to fund his cheating. The imbalance of their relationship was the root of their problems. In the beginning, Regina tolerated the fact that her husband was less successful than her. She loved him and had faith in him. She believed that he was going to work on himself and develop into something that she could be proud of. It seemed that her success was a double edge sword. While it was good for her own career, it started to divide her from her husband. While he remained stagnant in his career, she started to rise which built up resentment between the two.

There was speculation that problems between the two really started to blow up when they would argue about Ian’s career. To get back at his wife for talking down to him, Ian decided that he would see other women. He needed validation that he couldn’t get from his wife. His solution was to flaunt their money so that he could attract other women. With other women his life, he felt more complete because it compensated for his failing career. In his mind, even though he wasn’t getting acting roles, at least he was getting the satisfaction of having more than one woman his life.

Acting Career

Ian had a short and low profile acting career which. He had roles in Masters of Horror, Animal Miracles, and The Chris Isaak Show. After his divorce from Regina, he was never heard of again the entertainment industry. His lasting legacy is being the ex husband of Regina. Since that is the only trace of him, it is safe to say that his ex wife got the last laugh and sweet revenge.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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