Chris Isaak

Born in 1956, Chris Isaak is today among America’s most successful rock musician who has featured in certain movies and TV shows. Some of Chris’ famous compositions include Wicked Game and Somebody’s Crying. Chris is credited for his unique sound and authentic style encompassed in his songs. A majority of his songs revolve around issues of the heart. With his twelve studio albums and four -decade relevance in the music industry, Chris has been on numerous tours across the borders and received nominations for awards.  

Personal Life

The renowned rock musician and actor, Chris Isaak, was born in 1956 on June 26th.  The 60-year-old artist has three siblings and hails from Stockton, California. Chris’ mother is religious and is called Dorothy while his father is an Italian-American named Joe Isaak. With his mother being a German, Chris is of a mixed ethnicity.

Being born in Stockton, Chris’ biography has it that he was enrolled at Amos Alonzo Stagg School which is located in North Stockton. After his graduation in 1974, Chris joined San Joaquin Delta College, a local college. Chris later pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at the University of Pacific in 1981.

Neither does Chris has any children nor is he divorced since he is a single man. However, his dating life is one that most people have anticipated to come in the limelight, especially after Chris was reportedly claimed to have said he is in search of true love. Back in high school, Chris had a girlfriend named Carole Owe. But since her death, Chris claims that the modern world has not yet given him a perfect match as she was to him. This shutters the rumors of Isaak being gay.

On Twitter and Instagram, Chris’ fans, especially females, praise him enormously for his looks and talent. On these social networking sites, Chris has massive following and ensures that his followers are kept to date as it relates to his current projects and events. On Instagram, Chris is fond of posting shirtless pictures which trigger mixed reactions among his female fans.

Career Life

Since his childhood, Chris Isaak had a strong admiration for music. During these days, he used to play his brother’s guitar alongside making his own compositions. Despite being a rock musician, Chris was inspired to start music by a country musician named Hank Williams. Having gained much inspiration, Isaak was set to step into the industry. For a start, Chris mobilized his talented peers and started a music group.

During those struggling beginnings, Chris’ determination earned him an audience with Eric Jaconson, a renowned producer. Eric assisted Jacob to gain a chance at Warner Bros Records from where he released Silvertone, his debut album. The album earned much appraisal and was a hit that propelled his fame not to mention reaching international audiences.

His other album Chris Isaak received a gold certification. Chris’ overseas hits in the album made his tours a success. All these works have added up to Chris’ $21 million net worth. This huge net worth is due to his features in movies.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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