Gracie Gold

Born in 1995, Grace Gold is a professional skater who has won a silver medal in the World Junior followed by winning the U.S. national championships twice in 2012, 2014 and 2016 respectively. The American figure skater has participated in the Ladies Singles. Gold’s skating career has seen her win a bronze medal during the 2014 Winter Olympics as well as taking the fourth position during the Ladies’ Single Skating Competition. These endeavors have earned her much wealth though her actual net worth remains undisclosed.  

Personal Life

Judging from Gold’s biography, the figure skater will be turning 22 years of age in August and was born in Newton, Massachusetts. However, Gold’s parents brought her up in Springfield, Missouri. Her parents are Denise- who is an ER nurse – and Carl Gold – who is an anesthesiologist. Gold is the eldest of her sibling named Carly Gold who is her twin. Carly was born exactly 40 minutes after Gold and has as well grown to become a figure skater.

Grace completed her high school education in Chatham, Illinois. While at Illinois, Grace schooled at Glenwood Senior High School. However, with time, Grace transitioned to online education. At age of 8, Gold had commenced her skating lessons aiming to nurture her talent. During her skating lessons, it was seemingly clear that the young girl had incredibly amazing skating abilities and showed signs of future success in the sport.

In 2007, she was a competitor in the U.S. Junior Championships and held the eight spot in 2015 during the World Figure Skating Championships. These performances have gained Gold much love and following on her social media sites, especially Instagram and Twitter.

Gold’s determination and effort to achieve greater success saw her name feature among young and successful figure skaters. In fact, at age twenty, only a fraction of figure skaters had achieved what Gold has today. But despite such a glamorous life, Gold has maintained a ‘low-key’ as it relates to her personal life. However, rumors related to her dating life have it that the skater is involved with a fellow skater whom it is said is her boyfriend. Max Aaron is the skater allegedly dating this young ‘cutie’ who has a flawless natural beauty. Gold has been posting her bikini pictures as she flaunts her curves, especially on her Instagram.     

Career Life

As they say, practice leads to perfection. Gold’s success has been attributed to a series of rigorous training under various coaches. At the start of Nicole’s skating career, the skater trained with Max Liu as well as Amy Vorhaben. Later on, Gold trained with Alexia Griffin and Susan Liss. After such a strong mentorship under these persons, Gold’s name was mentioned on the international scene competing in the Junior Grand Prix. Despite it being an international debut, Gold took home, a gold medal.  She later participated at the junior level in the 2012 U.S. Championships leaving a junior lady record of 178.92 pts in the Championships. Moreover, she later travelled to Belarus for the 2012 World Junior Championships.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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