Ingrid Quinn is a famous for her marriage with David Boreanaz. David is a renowned actor and producer. By profession, Ingrid is a social worker.

Personal life

There are no details about Ingrid’s childhood. She never talked about her parents and siblings. None has ever come up to the media stating that he/she is Ingrid’s parent. Ingrid was not involved in any celebrity relationship before David. Ingrid was not married before meeting David. There are no details to where and how they met each other. David and Ingrid got married in 1997. They dated for three years, before getting married. They did not have any children together and ended the marriage after two years stating irreconcilable differences as the reason. It is said that Ingrid was very possessive about David and this caused cracks in the relationship.

During the starting of Angel and Bluffy, David said that Ingrid was very supportive and was strong as a nail. He even mentioned that Ingrid was Irish. As the show progressed, David had to work three to four nights per week for the shooting. It is said that Ingrid got jealous and doubtful when David started becoming comfortable with a female cast member of Angel and Buffy. The name of the co-star is not revealed to media. Ingrid used to make secret and sudden visits to the set to check on David. David did not like her spying on him and his cast members. After five days of separation, David filed for divorce. One year after divorce, David got married to Jamie Bergman. Ingrid never commented on David in any media. She never commented on his second marriage.

There are no evidences that David has an affair when he was married to Ingrid. The details about the divorce including spousal support and others are not known to media. None from the cast of Angel and Bluffy came up to the media to complain about David’s behavior in the set. There were rumors that David was having an affair with Sarah Geller but, there were no evidences to prove the same.

After the divorce finalized, Ingrid went off the limelight. It is not known whether she is married or not. There are no details to whether she is still in touch with David or not. David never spoke about his ex-wife after the divorce. Ingrid never gave out any interviews about her ex-husband. There was a rumor about affair between Ingrid and Glenn Quinn. There was no evidence to provide the case. Ingrid did not comment on it either.


Ingrid is a very ordinary woman who came into media’s limelight because of her marriage with her ex-husband, Ingrid Quinn. After divorce, she went off the limelight and there is nothing that we know about her career. She used to be a social worker before she got married to David. Her net worth and other parts of her biography are not known to media. After their marriage, David said that Ingrid quit social work as she was busy with other things. It is assumed that she would have returned back to her social work career. Her net worth is not known to media.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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