Samantha Speno came to limelight after her relationship with Randy Orton, WWE wrestler. She then became his wife and also got divorced.

Personal life

Speno was born in Missouri in 1982. She attended Francis Howell North High School when she was 14 years. She graduated in 2000 and was 18 years old. She took up a job immediately after high school. Speno met Orton in a bar. Orton had a broken leg and he hopped towards her to start a conversation with her. Speno played hard to get when she first met Randy. After a brief conversation, Orton asked for her number. He called her on a date on the very next day. They got engaged in 2005 and got married in 2007. After almost nine months, they had a daughter. There are no proofs that she was pregnant before she got married. After six years of marriage, Speno filed for a divorce from Orton. They got separated officially in 2013. Their divorce proceedings were smooth without any problems. Speno did not request money more than what she had in the first place. She got the custody of the child with unlimited visitation for Orton. As child support, Orton paid 4,500 dollars per month to Speno. After the divorce, she got the house they were in, $99,000 engagment ring and almost $645 thousand dollars in her bank account. Even after their divorce, they shared pictures of being together for birthdays and holidays in social media. Speno still did not change her second name from Orton in many social media accounts.

When asked about being single, Speno said that she is not ready for a relationship. After the ten-year affair ending in broken marriage, she needs time to get back to the dating game. Though there is a rumor that Speno has a boyfriend, there are no evidences to back it up. She once stated that she is planning to give the property that she got through divorce to her daughter. Does this mean she has no plans of getting married in the future?

Divorce reason

There is no reason stated specifically for the divorce. In the divorce papers, it was mentioned as irreconcilable broken marriage. Neither of them was in an affair. There was no incidence of physical abuse and there was no fight that leaked to media. It is said that Orton had to stay away from the house for many days together because of his job. It is said that she had to be in the house all alone for most of the days and this caused cracks in the marriage. He started a romantic relationship with his second wife Kim in 2014, a year after the separation. He was not known to have dated anyone while he was in the middle of the divorce. Neither of them was married before. Neither of them parented any child out of their wedlock.


She used to be a gym instructor before she got married. After divorce, she started a jewelry line named Rocks and Stars. She is currently working as a fashion stylist, makeup artist and also an entrepreneur. She is currently 34 years old and she is still single.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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