Evelyn Melendez is not an artist, actor or a performer in the media. Evelyn Melendez is famous for her relationship with Jordan Knight, a professional singer, and the drama that revolved around their relationship. Jordan Knight is the lead singer for the boy band New Kids on the Block and rose to fame during the 1980’s and 1990’s. New Kids on the Block have sold over eighty million records worldwide and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in concert revenues.

Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight started to date in the late 1990’s. The courtship was filled with a lot of drama that was often reported by the tabloid media. It was said that the couple did not really have a good chemistry and that there were a lot of problems in their relationship. Nevertheless, the couple had their first child in 1999. Apparently, the couple got along well enough that they wanted to take the relationship to the next level and in 2004 they got married. They had their second child in 2007.

They were very close together after their marriage. During a discussion with friends, Jordan stated that he married Evelyn because he wanted a wife who is inert to media and also does not cheat on him. When asked by a reporter “How does your wife deal with the screaming, squealing fans?” Jason responded “I think she deals with it great. She’s beyond a trooper. She’s so confident. I’m lucky to have her. She’s so awesome, such a great woman, and being a really good person, secure, knowing who she is, gets her through it. And its part of what makes me attracted to her.” During the interview, Jordan talked a lot about how confident his wife was and also about how he loved being a father. Pressed as to whether the couple would have a third child, Jordan replied “Our hands are full with two, but we'll see. Fatherhood is the best thing I've ever done."

Many fans wondered if Jordan was really cut out for marriage. When expressing his views of a “fairytale wedding” Jordan said "If you think of a “fairytale wedding” ... it’s really just a moment in time.  There’s so much more than just that one little moment in life. You have to live your LIFE. Once you hit that moment, it’s not going to make you happy for the rest of your life. Happiness is in everyday life. That’s why I titled my album 'Unfinished'."

For a while, it appeared that the couples married life would be unfinished when, after many years of marriage, things started to go downhill and it was rumored that the marriage was starting to fall apart. In 2012, there were rumors that the couple had gotten separated. Although they did not officially announce their separation, much of social media was bubbling over with reports of their fights. Later, in 2016, there were again rumors about their separation and the media reported that it was Jordan’s affairs and extra marital relationships that were to blame for the separation. But this type of behavior was not new. Even as far back as 1996, while the couple was dating, it was reported that Jordan had an affair with actress and model Shanna Moakler that lasted for nearly a year. He later ended things with Shanna and reconciled with Evelyn.


It should be noted that Evelyn never bad-mouthed her husband in public or in the media. And perhaps Jordan’s bad behavior was to keep his wife attracted to him. He once said “Sometimes when two people are fighting, it’s kind of like there’s some kind of tension there. Why would somebody really even care to fight with you or pick on you if they didn’t care? I think if they didn’t pick at you, it means they’re not interested in you. Sometimes you try to get a person’s attention by being an irritant." The problem all started when a picture of Jordan being close with a woman appeared in Twitter. This created a lot of rumors and comments. Jordan started to block fans who gave out comments on the photos but, he never blocked the girl who posted her picture with him. Also, his drinking problem started to show head after a long time causing drift in the marriage.

There were rumors that Jordan was planning to marry one of his fans and decided to end things with his wife. To make matters worse, it was reported that Jordan put out a Tweet which was a picture of his wife with the words “Cry Bitch” superimposed above her face. The tweet seemed to suggest that there was more than just an amicable divorce between this couple. Jordan Knight must have been pretty bitter to put something out there of this nature and many thought that it did not seem very mature or even decent. On the other hand, Evelyn is a down to earth woman who remained very loyal to her husband. Even during this whole drama, she never once commented poorly on her husband’s action. It has been reported that Jordan has a history of having affairs with married women in the past; before he got married to Evelyn.

Evelyn is not known to be dating anyone else as of now and since the separation news has not been officially declared, there are no details available as to whether she is living alone or living with Jordan. There are no details as to who has custody of their children and Evelyn has not talked about the separation or her future plans with the media. Thus, it is assumed that she is not currently considering dating anyone else. Evelyn Melendez’s net worth is not known to media and there are also no details available about any of Evelyn’s previous boyfriends. She is not known to have been engaged or married before. Living a happy married life is not the easiest thing in the world for most people as it takes a lot of dedication and understanding to make a relationship work. Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight have overcome many barriers to happiness in the past and one cannot help but pull for the continued success of their relationship.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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