Ernestine Sclafani

Ernestine Sclafani is the VP of Weber Shandwick, a PRO company. She is more famous as the wife of sports reporter, Skip Bayless.

Personal life

Ernestine is 54 years old and was born in Long Island. She graduated from a community college. Ernestine is the second wife of Skip. There are no evidences to why Skip got divorced his first wife, his high school sweetheart. Ernestine met Skip when he was working in ESPN. She met Skip on a business basis with Kevin Dillon for the first time and exchanged their cards. A day later, they had their first date together. On the first date, Skip mentioned that Ernestine will never be more important than his job. This attracted Ernestine as she was very dedicated to her job too. She found that this common string would keep them going for many years. They dated for many years and kept their relationship away from the media.

Later, they announced their wedding but, they did not disclose any pictures. Their wedding was a private ceremony and only close friends and family were invited. Ernestine wanted to keep the relationship very secret that for the first few years of their dating life, people didn’t even believe that such a character existed. Even though Skip mentioned about Ernestine in a few interviews, there was no pictures or proofs in internet or in any media to back him up. Though Skip loved to share a lot about their dating life and marital life, Ernestine wanted to keep it private as much as possible. Skip talks a lot and very open about his childhood and his father but, when it comes to his wife, he shares almost nothing.

Both live in two different cities for many years because of their jobs. Due to this, there were a few rumors about separation. But, the couple got closer, year after year. They spend the weekends together. They do not have any kids together. There are no rumors about marital fights and thus, one can be sure that there would no divorce signs in the near future.

They praise each other in interviews. Skip once apologized to his wife in a TV show for his weird superstitions and habits. He stated that he has some weird superstitions when it comes to sports and Ernestine once threatened him that she would file a divorce if he continued to act weird. One of his weird beliefs is that if Ernestine watches sports with him, his team would always lose. Though he believes it very much, Ernestine considered it as a hogwash. He once mentioned that Ernestine is the only woman who was able to elbow into his life. The relationship between Skip and his first wife is not known to media.


She worked as the director of Ball of Switzerland for ten years and quit the job in 2000 to become the director of Weber Shandwick. She has never shared information about her salary or net worth. Her career life is not very famous and her milestones and future projects are not known to public.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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