Greg Gutfields

Personal life

He was born on 12th September 1964. He was born in California, US. He is a popular American personality on television. He is a Libertarian. He is indifferent towards religion, an agnostic atheist. He is married to Elena Moussa, who was a model and chief photo editor of Maxim Russia back then. He met Elena in London. She is currently the proud owner of Moussa project, a Fashion store (2011). They got married in 2004. They have been living happily together since then and have no children. The couple got married in New York. They had been dating five months prior to their marriage.

The model Elena is 5 feet 11 inches and Greg is 5 feet 4 inches. He has often been joked upon for his height as compared to his wife. He attended University of California with a bachelor degree in English. He was born to Jacqueline Bernice and Alfred Jack Gutfeld. He attended Serra High School. He belongs to a Roman Catholic background. He has his own official website, wherein you can see his book tours and appearances, latest updates on his tv shows, his latest blog entries and much more. He is a passionate and a diligent tv personality.


Greg is so much more than an author, his best selling books include - Not Cool and Joy of Hate. His book, Not Cool, received much love on amazon. Joy of Hate is written in a sarcastic and funny way. Let's talk more about his books, Not Cool, talks about hipster top-notch, the dominant principle to acting stupid is an ardor to be liked, or a desire to be perceived as cool. Joy of Hate, how to win over the bellyachers. How to be Right, the Art of being correct with strategies.

His approach to writing is forthright, audacious and creditable. He has written around 7 books and all gained much readers' praise. He is also a magazine editor, though he did not stop at magazine editing, he pushed himself further into writing. He was a writer in the Prevention Magazine. He is a well appreciated blogger who writes about pop culture and political philosophies. You can see his latest posts on his official website and also on

He is well known to host this show called The Greg Gutfeld Show (Fox news). The Greg Gutfeld show visages lampoon of current events, discourses on important issues, interviews with newsmongers and media personalities. He is the host of The Five, which is a political talk show on Fox News. He is a political satirist. He makes appearances on O'Reilly. He is known for Red eye (2007-15). He earns a good amount of Salary of around $2 million. He has earned a Net worth of around $4 million. The Barbara Olson Award presented him in the American Spectator Magazine.

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@realgreggutfeld - his Instagram is flooded with pictures with 66.7K followers

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Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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