Sophie Lui is a Canadian journalist and actress who has been working for Global News since 2015. She co-anchors Global BC News Hour with Chris Gailus.


Sophie Lui was born on August 16, 1975. Her birth sign is Leo which fits her personality well. Her birthplace is in the beautiful city of Vancouver. She attended the British Colombia Institute of Technology, where she received a prestigious and respected degree in broadcast radio.

She started her career as a part of the CKNW news radio station. Her radio work gave her enough confidence in herself. She benefited from practicing behind the mic, but she didn't have to be on television. If she had started on television first, she might have hurt her development. Just dong radio first gave her a safety net because she can mess up without being harshly critiqued.

Television Broadcasting and Acting Career

Sophie Lui has become a fixture on Global TV news in Canada. The well-known journalist was happy to live out her dreams as a news anchor. Although today she stands at the pinnacle of success, she continues to execute her work with maximum effort and dedication. She was a part of the CHEK-TV television station located in Victoria.

She was hosting a late-night news program as a co-anchor along with her equally popular partner, Jay Durant. Her program aired at 6 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm. The experience at this previous job gave her enough confidence to become the co-anchor for the prestigious Canadian news program, the Global BC News Hour.

Apart from television appearances and broadcasting, she also has dabbled in the field of professional acting. She had a role in the famous action film, Power Rangers which came out in 2017. She has also played various roles in several movies like Repeater, Client list, and The Company You Keep.

Although she has had a successful career and has been involved in many different ventures, most of her recognition comes from hosting the news morning show for Global BC.

Living A Fit Lifestyle

Sophie Lui has a great interest in traveling, cycling, swimming, and community involvement. She is also a fitness enthusiast. Lui likes to do the extra work that is required to maintain a fit and attractive physique. She is very disciplined and will stay away from bad foods as much as possible. Sometimes she gets tempted, but for the most part, she can maintain her beautiful figure.


Sophie gave Carol Crenna some insight into her recent passion for exercising, "Lack of sunshine affects me, but exercise helps my state of mind. I was not active most of my life; I was never good at athletics, and I wasn't a kid that grew up with group sports, so it didn't occur to me until three years ago that I should try exercising. But at 39, I am fitter now than I ever have been before. I don't run or cycle well, but I find it motivating to have a goal to train for."

Personal Life

Regarding her community involvement, she helped a local group involved in a project relating to the HIV/AIDS virus.

She was rumored to be married to Jason Pires, who is a sports anchor. No official news of her personal love life regarding a boyfriend or husband has ever been reported or confirmed. She has denied that she has a husband and claims only to be dating. She likes to keep her relationship status secret. She is okay with the idea of having a boyfriend with whom she can share a happy relationship, but she doesn't feel like it's anyone's business but her own.

Although she is a prevalent personality in her field of work, she is not much known for interacting with her fans and leading a personal life in her home. She adores her fans, but she likes to keep a barrier between herself and her fans for the sake of safety.

She is said to lead a luxurious life because she has benefited from an excellent salary earned from her job. Her net worth happens to be around two million dollars. Her absolute hard work and unquestionable talents have given her a sum of money that she deserved rightfully.

Morning Routine

She looks at the bright side of life, even when it's not sunny outside. Sophie tackles her morning routine very effectively and efficiently. She reaches work by 4:30 am, looking as fresh as a flower. She tells her fans that she has trained her mind and body to be that way. Being a news anchor is a demanding job because of the long hours. It is a schedule that only a few people are willing to do.

In an interview with Carol Crenna, she was asked about how life can be as a person who has to wake up so early for her job, "There is part of me that doesn't want to go to bed that early. It's not normal to have to. I sometimes get caught up in reading magazines or surfing the net so stay up later anyway. I am single and have a boyfriend, but I don't have kids. I try to accommodate my boyfriend's hours because he stays up later. He wakes up when my alarm clock goes off, too, so it can be difficult for him.

I get used to sleeping in different blocks of time throughout the day. I nap from five to 90 minutes during these times to catch up, and when I'm awake, I muster enough energy to be productive whenever I need to be. For example, I'm leaving the newsroom now and going straight to the gym, running on adrenaline to get me there. My trainer helps to push me from there. And if I have a few minutes before his appointment, I nap in my car."

Last Modified: Aug 20, 2021

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