Paul Becker

Paul Becker is a very popular choreographer as well as a talented actor. He is also very famous in the industry for his dancing and film direction talents.

Paul Becker was born in Canada. We were not able to gather the information regarding his exact date of birth and even he himself has not confirmed the fact with us. According to the information available, we came to know that he was brought up in Victoria BC, in Canada. He has a younger brother who is two years younger to him. Both his parents were college lecturers and held a very dignified position in the university.

However, as he grew up, he grew more interest towards dance than in studies. His parents were very disappointed with him for this attitude. They did not want to allow him for dance and wanted him to concentrate on his studies. Despite their reservations, he carried on with his passion for dancing. He also joined the dancing troupe of his school. He took dancing training in his school and completely devoted himself into it. He used to practice dance classes after his school hours. He also participated in many dance competitions from his school. Soon he started receiving many appreciations for his dance. His parents also agreed to his decisions and allowed him to dance and follow his passion.

He achieved his graduation degree from the St. Andrew’s High School. Though he was not a very good student in academics, he was very popular among his teachers and friends. After achieving his graduation degree, he did not pursue with his formal education anymore. He wanted to become a professional choreographer and thus, he joined the famous institute of the town. He studied there for four years and learnt the basics of choreography and direction. By that time, he had no interest towards acting or the film industry. His only focus in life was dance itself.

He started his choreography career with small talent hunt competitions. He choreographed several dance competitions, television dance shows and as well as in many school functions. He also used to train several students for dance. The opportunity which brought a huge change in his professional life was Hellcats. This helped him to showcase his choreography talents in front of the whole world. He had also received a lot of appreciations for his dancing skills after he made his first appearance in the show.

After this, he also made several appearances in the popular television shows such as This Means War, Sucker Punch and many more. He has also appeared in many of the film series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Twilight film series. Besides this, he has also choreographed many musical albums and shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Just Haven’t Met You Yet. When it comes to his personal life, we hardly have any information. He is very secretive about his personal life and does not like to share much with the media. Thus, we still do not have any such information about his marital status or children.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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