Derrick Lassic

Derrick Lassic is a very renowned American footballer. He has made several notable appearances.

He was born in the year 1970 on January 26th. His childhood years were spent in New York, at Haverstraw. He was the youngest child of his parents. He also had an elder brother who passed away in a road accident. When he was only six years old, his elder brother passed away and he devastated. His father wanted to make his elder son, a footballer as he himself was a football coach. After the sudden death of his elder son, he looked at his youngest son and desired to make him a footballer in the future.

Lassic was only seven years when he started taking football training. He did not have any interest in football during the initial stages of his football career but later, he started taking interest in it. He visited the North Rockland High School and also joined the senior football team of his school. He was good in academics as well as in sports. He was an asset to his team in the school and has secured a number of awards and certifications for his skills in the football field. He was one of the best sports student of his school and was very popular among his friends and teachers.

Due to his excellent skills in football, he got a scholarship from the University of Albama. The university offered him with a football scholarship in their junior team. He also played several matches with the team from this university. He began his professional football career and when he achieved success, he joined the NFL Draft. He also took part in the football matches soon after he joined. The first match he participated in was organised in Alabama and was coached under his favourite coach.

The coach knew him from a quite long time so he particularly knew his strengths and weaknesses in the football field. He asked him to play in the middle in that match which helped him to secure the winning trophy for his team. He has secured a lot of fame from the matches he appeared. He soon came under the spotlight of the media. This draft had changed his life for forever and he became one of the most discussed topics in the sports industry.

When he finished his league period with NFL Draft, he wanted to take his career to another level but the path to the success was not at all easy for him. He had to face many injuries and accidents during the building period of his career. His fitness and healthy diet regime was also disturbed because he had to stay in the hospital for most of the time and had to take meals as prescribed by the doctor. He could not even go to the gym for maintaining his fitness. He also got many major injuries in his hips, ankles and knees. He also suffered from a injury in his spinal cord which made him bed ridden for a month.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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