Deena Nicole was born in New Jersey, USA. Her parents are from Italian ancestry and os she has Italian ethnicity as well. She has lived in New jersey for the majority of her childhood with her siblings. She always ran towards acting nd singing since a ver young age. She used to perform whenever she got the chance to. Her current age is 39 years.

She was extremely keen on music since an exceptionally youthful age. She picked music as her profession and began singing as lead vocalist in a band called Jelly. She later showed up in the Playboy. She was shrouded in jam and hadn't worn whatever else in the photo. In the late 2000s, she visited everywhere throughout the USA. In 2002 she assumed a part of an officer in the TV film The Laramie extend. This move was designated for the best TV film grant by the Emmys. In 2005 she did another motion picture called Winter Pass which was coordinated by Adam Rapp.

She auditioned fo the first season of the famous reality Tv show Jerse Shore but didn't get in. She auditioned again the very next layer and this time she was selected. In season 3 she got the chance to be a cast member ad she took the chance with both hands. She has been involved in many controversies throughout her career. She doesn't appear to be a very good human being at least on camera, she might be different in her real life but on screen, she doesn't have many qualities of a good person. She has been criticized for much of her work. In 2012 she was arrested when she had a fight on the road in New jersey. The fight was because she did want to move to the sidewalk and she blocked the road in this manner. Police took her to the station and they kept her for some hours and charged her with unethical conduct in public. There was, however, no change in her character and her remains to be the same person.

She is on long range informal communication sites yet she doesn't post as oftentimes the same number of individuals do. She has a good following on her social media accounts as she posts some controversial posts on her page. She is very active on the websites. People can follow her on facebook as well as Instagram. She posts almost daily on her Instagram page. Mostly she takes pictures of herself in small clothes revealing sexy parts for Instagram likes. She also has a pet in her house. Currently, she lives in New Jersey with her pet.

She is currently not working on any other projects as she hasn't got any.Her biography can be perused on Wikipedia and additionally IMDB. Her total assets are relied upon to be around $400,000. Despite the fact that not as dynamic as in her childhood regardless she does parts now and again indicated flashes of decent acting. She is solid and exceptionally fit as she does yoga consistently without fail.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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