Keegan Bradley was born on 7 June 1986 in Vermont, USA. He was born in an area which was a predominantly skiing favorite. His elder brother used to participate in skiing tournaments but Keegan decides to take golfing his career. He has always been supported by his parents who had the utmost belief in him and his talent. He has been golfing sign his childhood. His father used to work at a golf club and this is where he got his motivation from. For his schooling, he went to a nearby school named Hopkinton High School. In his high school, he won the scholarship for Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. After completing his schooling he went to St John's University. He has been a very good student all throughout his schooling days. He once fell off a swing in childhood and that broke his leg.

He started his professional career by playing for his fathers gold club. The club is named as Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club. After completing his schooling he moved to Massachusetts due to his scholarship. He was coached by Dick Bliss who was his fist coach. He learned a lot from him. In 2008 eh started to play professionally on the NGA Hooters Tour. He started playing well and made 90% cuts form 26 events. In 2011 eh begas to play on the PGA tour that is the highest level of rookie championship. He did well in that as well. Later he moved to PGA championship in 2011. He became one of the only three players to win a major tournament in his first attempt.

His ranking skyrocketed from over 100 to under 30 in a matter of few weeks on the back of his impressive performance. He went from competition to competition learning and once in a while winning it as the time advanced. He has played with a portion of the absolute best players of the diversion, for example, Tiger Woods. Toward the begin of his profession he wasn't in the same class as the opposition however after a few years he started to work at his aptitude and showed signs of improvement. He won 1 PGA visit and additionally 1 Tour. In 2005 he won the Vancouver open which was an extraordinary win by any gauges.

Currently, he is marridd to Jillian Stacey who was his long time girlfriend prior to their marriage. He also has a child with his partner. They currently live in Vancouver Canada. He is also very active social media platforms. He can be followed on Facebook well as Twitter. He also posts pictures on his Instagram account. He is a very big fan of shows and collects shoes. He often posts their pictures on his page. He is a very polite person as many have regularly said. He seems very happy with his wife and is enjoying life to its fullest. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His biography can be read on Wikipedia.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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