Dascha Polanco took birth on the 3rd of December in 1982. She went to Hunter College and is an actress by profession. She is commonly known as Dayanara Diaz, the name that she has in the popular TV series “Orange is the New Black”. When she is seen in public places, people usually address her by Dayanara and not Dascha.

Dascha, at a young age moved to the U.S. She always wanted to be an actress and her dreams turned to reality. Her moving to U.S also aided her in making a career in the acting field. Her mother, Janet Polaco was a cosmetologist but passed away at 46 and her father, Ruben Dario Polanco a mechanic. Her parents always supported her and she was mama’s girl.

 She has a bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and at a young age, Dascha was always conscious about her physical appearance and this was the reason why she was always afraid of auditioning for acting. Her husband motivated her in the same and finally she attended Acting classes. Before her decision of making a career in acting, she worked as a nurse at Montefiore Medical Centre later she went to BIH studios to pursue acting skills. Then she played a small role in the TV series “Unforgettable” from where her success started.

We always tend to think that an actor’s or actress’s life is always full of frills and we look at this industry with rose tinted glasses. However, life for Dascha was not always a bed of roses, her biography reveals that she had to face many things in life. She married which resulted in a daughter.

Later, things did not go well and she was left a single parent to the young girl when she herself was just 18 years old. Her reasons for depression strengthen further when her mother passed away. She then led a lonely life and was disgusted at the same. She went through therapies and tried to overcome her anxiety and depression. She then decided to throw all the negativity out from her life and start all over again. She then never turned back and always smiles. She is a strong woman now and a mother of three children but her boyfriend or husband’s name is nowhere to be found on the internet or in her interviews.

The young sensation has also appeared in many films like Gimme Shelter in 2013, The Cobbler, Joy and The Perfect Match which was released in 2016. Her movies have good imdb ratings and her popularity can be seen on instagram and snapchat, however she is seen very rarely in public places as she is of a reserved type of nature. Her flawless beauty is admired all over the world and her perfect role in Orange is the New Black adds a feather to her hat. Recent financial reports say that her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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