Heather Mcdonald

The very famous Heather Ann McDonald was born on 14th of June 1970 in San Fernando Valley, California. She went to the Southern California University and is active since 1990. Apart from a brilliant actress, she is a comedian and an author. Her most successful and most popular writings and one time appearance is in the TV serial “Chelsea Lately”. Later, she was also in “After Lately”. She has a perfect vocabulary and her book in the New York Times made to the bestseller list. She is a hard working woman and her work is remarkable.

Heather’s parents worked in the Real estate and she has four siblings. After getting graduated from California, she took classes at “Groundings”,which was a place where theatre was taught professionally, at that time she performed theatre and soon she brushed up her skills as a comedian. Her biography tells us that during her graduation, she was also a part of Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

In late 1990’s, she did duet writing along with the very well known Keenan Wayans. In 2001 and 2002 she also became a performer at MTV’s Lyricist Lounge. Thus, Heather is a versatile personality and does a great job as an actress, a writer and a comedian. She did stand-ups in Los Angeles initially, from where she started to gain grounds as a comedian. She made her audience laugh till their stomach’s ached. She has also worked for Wayans Brothers.

The book that she wrote for the first time hit the bestseller’s list. This book includes her life’s experiences. Her second book was “My Inappropriate Life”, which is also very deep in thoughts. Heather also has her stand-up on Netflix which was released in 2015. “Juicy Scoop” is her podcast and is actually a popular one. Not all podcasts become popoular, but Heather's work is always amazing.

Heather McDonald lives a happy married life. She has Peter Dobias as her husband who is a rich investment banker. They together have two children namely Brandon Dobias and Drake Dobias respectively, while Peter Dobias also has a child, a girl from his past marriage life. The lady well knows how to handle her career and her family, she balances the two very smartly. Heather also has Shannon McDonald as her sister.

She has a huge fan following all over the world, when it comes to comedy, then she is at her best. In her stand-ups she talks on subjects such as kids and marriage, her audiences admire her because one can actually relate to what heather actually says on the microphone. Thus, this characteristic of her stand-ups’s steals away the whole show. She has millions of followers on twitter, she is socially active and regularly reaches up to her fans through snapchat. Her imdb ratings are a proof of how efficient she is in her field. She has always earned in handsome digits and her present net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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