Judge Napolitano

Andrew Peter Napolitano was born on June 6, 1950 in Newark, New Jersey. After high school, he enrolled in the Princeton University. Afterwards, he studied at the University of Notre Dame, where he finished his education at the Notre Dame Law School. After his graduation, he started private practice as a litigator. Additionally, he taught law at the Delaware Law School during 1980-1981.

He was the youngest State Superior Court judge and serving for the New Jersey bench from 1987 to 1995. In the 1995 he decided to resign his judgeship and started his private practice again. Later he served as a Professor of law at the Seton Hall University School of Law during 1989-2000. Currently, he is a visiting professor at the Brooklyn Law School.

During the years of an attorney practice, he also became an author and media personality. He started as presiding judge for the court show “Power of Attorney” at the 20th television during 2000-2001. Later he joined talk radio show on Fox News Radio as a co-host along with Brian Kilmeade, the show was titled Brian and the Judge. Since then he got his nickname “Judge”. Afterwards, he was a host for talk show called “Freedom Watch”, which was aired at the Fox Business Channel. Since 2009, his show was on the air three times a week an the next year it turned to a weekly show, which was located on Fox Business.

He substituted for TV host Glenn Beck even after he left Fox News. Andrew provided legal analysis on numerous shows on both Fox News Channel like “The Kelly File”, “The O’Reilly Factor”, “Fox & Friends”. Recently, he also made an analysis during the special report, which was on March 16, 2017. It was related to a conspiracy involving Trump's unfounded accusation that the former President had wiretapped him.

On March 20, 2017, The Los Angeles Times reported that Napolitano was pulled off the air indefinitely because of the wiretapping claims. Andrew is known as a libertarian. He is a strong advocate of constitutional protections from the government encroachment on natural and legal peoples' rights. He also believes that the decision of the Supreme Court about interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia set a precedent that requires recognition of same-sex marriage.

Andrew published numerous books, include “Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks its Own Laws”, “Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History”, “The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government Is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms” and “It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom”. He also promoted some of conspiracy theories in the New York Times.

He is not married. He has a long time friend James C. Sheil, who died in the 2013. He is a very private person and does not expose her relationship, regarding his girlfriend, wife and so on. He is a vegetarian. He has a lucrative salary of 3 million and has a net worth of 9 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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