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Charlotte Church was born on 21st February, 1986 in Cardiff, Wales. Her birth name is Charlotte Maria Reed. She is known to be a Welsh singer. She was raised up to be a Roman Catholic. She has an official music web site, where you can delve into her musical life. She has learned Classical singing all her childhood, until in 2005, she got into Pop music. She attended The Cathedral School in Llandaff. She acquired her vocal scholarship to Howell's School in 1998. She is also a political activist. She is blessed with a son and a daughter with Gavin Henson (former fiance). She is married to her boyfriend, Jonathan Powell. They got married in Cardiff. It was a very private ceremony.

She underwent an unfortunate miscarriage with her third child. Jonathan Powell was supposed to be the father to the lost unborn baby. Star studded singer makes an appearance at the Green Man Festival for the first time post her miscarriage. She says she is ready to make a comeback in the starlight.


The star studded Church sings in French, Italian and Latin in addition to Welsh. The starlight Charlotte released an album relating to Christmas carols called Dream a Dream. The pop starlet's Enchantment, an album with a blend of Broadway, Pop and Swing music to it. The Pop starlet was a part of a film called A Beautiful Mind. She was the part and parcel of the Charlotte Church show on Channel 4.

The pop female starlet has the highest vocal range, and that is why she is called a Soprano. Her album titled Back to Scratch was released in 2010. The pop starlet released a Pop album titled Tissues and Issues. She used to work with Sony music releasing her debut album Voice of an Angel. She sang vocals on Opera song trance music, Brave New World. Crazy Chick was her first release in the four singles followed by Even God can't Change the Past, Call My Name and Mood Swings. Her prominent music Genres - Indie rock, Alternative rock, Pop, Indie pop. She started with Classical, Celtic, Classical crossover music.

Charlotte is best known as a songwriter, TV presenter and an actress from Wales. She got the honors to perform before these esteemed personalities like Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton and many more. The pop starlet Church was interviewed for the Hello magazine. She made a television Cameo appearance. An autobiography written by her titled Keep Sming was released in 2007. In 2005, GQ Awards honored her as the Women of the Year. She was awarded as the Best Female Newcomer in 2006. The star studded Charlotte performed this year at the Gay parade. She has a Net worth of around 9 British Pounds Million.


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Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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