Carla Hall was born on May 12, 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee. She earned her degree in accounting from Howard University’s business school in Washington, DC. She then worked for a while at Price Waterhouse, becoming a CPA.

Her grandmother, Thelma was a great cook. She was inspired by how her grandma added creativity in meals. Her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams, and helped Carla to discover the path of cooking.

Married Life:

Carla Hall wedded in 2006 to a photographer and a lawyer, Matthew Lyons. She has a stepson, Noah. Currently, she lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and her child.


Besides focusing on the good taste and balanced diets, Carla Hall is known for the recipes in which she pours her love and warmth of her heart. After graduating, she moved to Europe for modeling where she found herself inclined towards the art of making food. After returning back to United States, Carla started a lunch delivery service called Lunch Bunch. After four years in the service, she attended L’Academie de Cuisine in Maryland where she completed her culinary training. Then she started working as a Sous Chef at the Henley Park Hotel in Washington, DC. In 2001, Carla started providing catering services through her own catering company, Alchemy Caterers, which she later renamed as Carla Hall Caterers.  

She also wrote a cookbook called Cooking with love: Comfort Food that Hugs You. This book includes the delicious recipes of hers. She is excellent in making different types of cookies and is also the owner of Carla hall Petite cookies, an artisan cookie company that specializes in creating sweet and savory “petite bites of love.” She became a runner up in the Competition of fifth season of the reality show Top Chef which is a proof of her success as a chef.


Carla stands the height of 5 feet and 11 inches. Having slim and tall body features and long slender, toned and sexy legs she looks stunning. She dresses simple yet very elegantly. Not to forget, she is a former model. She has a soft and warm heart which is evident from her actions like her way of interacting and socializing.

She was initially recognized by her phrase "Hootie Hoo!” a tradition she and her husband had whenever they tried to locate each other in public. Carla has this belief that your food reflects your mood. If you are in a happy mood your food will be pleasant and vice versa.

Net Worth:

Carla Hall’s success can be measured through her net worth which is estimated to be US $2.5 million.

Social Media:

Carla Hall’s biography including her pictures can be found all over the internet on different websites. She can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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