Bo Burnham/ Robert Pickering Bo Burnham is a young multi-talented star in the US. He is a songwriter, a comedian and a poet. He was born on 21st August 1990 in Hamilton. His father, Scott Burnham owns a construction company. His mother, Patricia is working as a staff nurse at a school. He has 2 elder siblings. In 2008, he graduated from a school named as “St. John’s Preparatory School”. He was involved in theatre and ministry in Campus during his school days. He got admission into “Tisch School of Arts” in New York University in 2008. However he postponed his joining to focus on his media career.

He started his music and comedy career in the year 2006. He wrote a song about teenagers and posted on YouTube. It became a hit when it was copied to””. He started updating his musical videos online after there was increase in his fan following. He often performs on the subjects like gender, race and religion. His performance was recorded in London for “The World Stands Up” in the month of January in 2008. At the same time, he signed a contract of the four records with “Comedy Central Records”. His first album was released only online on 17th June 2008. His full album was released under his name on 10th March 2009.

He has performed in various places in the US including the “Cobb’s Comedy Club”. In the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, he performed under the name “Bo Burnham: Words Words Words”. He was nominated for the award also at the same festival. He performed at Just for Laughs in the year 2008. He compromised with Universal Studios for writing and creating a comedy film in September 2008. He writes lyrics and scripts in his free time. He made a one season show with MTV from May 2013 to June 2013. He has appeared as a Bartender in the movie “Hall Pass” in the year 2011. In the same year, he appeared as himself in “The Green Room with Paul Provenza”. In the year 2014, he performed the role of Chipp McCapp in “Parks and Recreation”. He went on tour“Fake I.D.” in 2009. Then he went on various tours from 2010 to 2015.

He has written many quotes. Many of them are available on the website “” e.g. “Comedy is absolutely self-aware art form. Actually, hip-hop’s another one, I suppose. Because in your songs you’re talking about how good a hip-hop artist you are. It’s like a painter painting a painting of himself painting a painting”. In the year 2013, his third album was released and it was named as “what” on his YouTube channel and on Netflix. He was seen on the TV series of the MTV named as “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous” and also released his book on poetry named as “Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone”.

He holds an estimated net worth of $3.5 million which very well speaks of his achievement in such a young age.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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