Barry Bostwick is a screen and stage actor of American nationality. He was Brad Majors with the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show and he replaced Peter Scolari when he was Mr Tyler in the sitcom What I like about You. He portrayed Mayor Randal Winston in Spin City Sitcom and he was a father to the president in TV series Scandal. He had also success while playing in the musical theater.

Barry Bostwick was born in the state of California in the city of San Mateo. He is a son to Elizabeth, Betty who was housewife and of Henry Bud Bostwick who is a city planner and also actor. He had one sibling called Henry Pete Bostwick and he died because of accident in the year 1973. He went to United States International University of San Diego and he was majoring in the acting and he got the start in the Hilbarn Theatre Stage that it is found in Foster City and he worked like a circus performer for the first time. He also did the Graduate Acting Program with NYU and he graduated in the year 1998.

For his career, Barry Bostwick started the career when he was a member for a pop group that it is called the Klowns and Ringling Bros together with Barnum & Bailey Circus was promoting them. The members had performed wearing the stylized clown makeup and the costumes. Their sole album was released in the year 1970 and was produced under Jeff Barry and it generated the single that was a Billboard hit called Lady Love.

Barry Bostwick was in the place of C. C Courtney for the musical Salvation. His next stage appearance was in a rock opera called Soon in 1971 and it closed after performing 3 times. In the year 1972, he originated a role of a bad boy called Danny Zuko for the stage production called Grease and he earned Tony Award nomination for the performance he had. He was with Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Barry Bostwick was married to Stacey Nelkin in the year 1987; however, they got a divorce in the year 1991. His second wife is Sherri Ellen Jensen in the year 1994 and they had two children who are Chelsea and Brian. He was diagnosed to suffer prostate cancer in the year 1997 and he had his prostate removed after 10 days. In the year 2004, he got the award of Gilda Radner Courage Award given by Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Barry Bostwick continued to appear in many movies and tv shows. He was in Cougar Town where he was Courtney Cox and in the season 3 on the show; his character became the mayor for his town. He also starred in the Anthology Film called Tales of Halloween and in The Devil’s Carnival. His net worth is over 3 million dollar.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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