Judge Joe Brown was born in the year 1947 and he is American lawyer and he worked for Shelby County in Tennessee before. He is a former judge in the criminal court and he is a former arbitration based reality court show called Judge Joe Brown.

According to his biography, Judge Joe Brown was raised in Los Angeles State in the city of Crenshaw. He graduated and he was at the top of his class called Dorsey High School and it was in 1969. He earned the bachelor degree in the political science of 1973 and he got a Juris Doctor Degree from UCLA. When he was attending the law school, he was also working like a substitute teacher. He is the member for the alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Judge Joe Brown was the first prosecutor of African-American origins in Memphis city. Afterwards, he opened own practice and he became a judge afterwards at State Criminal Court of the Shelby County in Tennessee.

He became a person of interest to the public when he was presiding on the last appeal of James Earl Ray who was convicted for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr but he was removed to the reopening because it was said that he was biased. He said that it was because he said that the so called rifle was not the murder weapon that had killed Martin Luther King Jr and this is the time that producers of Judge Judy saw him.

In 2014, Judge Joe Brown did run in a democratic primary to get a position of Shelby County District attorney general. He lost the election to a republican incumbent called Amy Weirich. The Judge Joe Brown is the American arbitration based and reality show that started in September in the year 1998. It ran until 2013 television season. The set of the show was the same as the set of the Judge Judy show in the Sunset Bronson. After the cancellation of the show, the space was then used for other movies and tv shows like Paternity Court and Hot Bench. The Judge Judy and the Judge Joe Brown shows were being produced under Big Ticket Television and it was syndicated by the CBS television distribution. The successor company to distribution was CBS Paramount Domestic television, Paramount Domestic television and World vision Enterprise.

Judge Joe Brown net worth is 35 million dollars and for his salary it was said that he has the highest television personality who was the highest paid and was being given 20 million per year and this is after Judge Judy who was getting the salary of 45 million dollars. However, after the cancellation of the shows, he said that he was only getting 5 million dollars. Judge Joe Brown was married but he divorced his wife and had two sons from that marriage. He was arrested and sentenced to five days after the outburst in a court.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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