Anjulie Persaud is a lyricist and a pop singer of Canadian citizenship. She has been working in industry for many years now and she has written songs for many other artists until she started to release own songs. She got much attention when she released a self-titled album in the year 2009. She was born in 1983.

Anjulie Persaud is well known as Anjulie only in the industry. From her biography, she was born in the city of Oakville, in Ontario. Her parents are Indo-Guyanese and her grandparents moved from India to live in Guyana. She was born with 3 siblings. Even if she is proud to be a Guyanese Canadian who has Indian roots, she said that it has been an obstacle when she was in the middle school. She used such difficulties to achieve the success that she is now able to enjoy. She had been able to make the breakthrough from the racial barriers and she has now become a well-known figure in Canada music industry. She now lives in Los Angeles city in California.

Janet Jackson was her inspiration when it comes to performing. She got the idea of performing after watching Jeanette Jackson during her Velvet Rope tour. She also got her inspiration from other artist like Lauryn Hill, U2, Prince and Annie Lennox. She started to write music when she was still a teenager and she released some songs including Unfabulous with Joh Levine. She continued writing songs for other artists.

She wrote Don’t Call Me Baby song for Kreesha Tumer and it became among the top ten songs on the list of Canadian Hot 100. It was a top song on US Billboard’ Dance Chart. The song got SOCAN pop/music award of 2009. She helped while writing the song called I want You for Fefe Dobson. She performed the song Big things for the movie Fame of 2009. She has the writing credit for The Boys of Nicki Minaj. She performed Singer Jesse McCartney’s opening act.

She was nominated for MTV Video Awards in the category of Best Breakthrough video. Her songs got featured on The City and The Hills of MTV. Boom has become one of the greatest hits from Anjulie Persaud. It had been used in many soundtracks of television series including Eastwick of ABC and on Melrose and The Vampire Diaries of The CW. It also played for Canadian Next Top Model. It was nominated as Best Video Wodie of MTvU Woodie Awards in the year 2009.

She was with artists Shwayze, B.O.B and Raphael Saadiq for their 2010 tours. In 2010, she was given Anokhi Award. Anjulie Persaud plays piano, percussion and guitar. She got a Juno Award in 2013 for You and I, Brand New Bitch and Boom songs. Her net worth is not recorded yet. Her twitter is @Anjulie. She is also available on Instagram and Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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